Sunday, October 18, 2015

"The Children’s-Book Guy: An Ideal Crush Object"


seeing these two attractive young men jog out holding props and doing animated readings of their work (full of audience participation!) had me swooning in my miniature chair.
If you think about it, the young male children’s-book author (or illustrator) is in many ways the perfect crush: artistic but in a productive, financially solvent way; imaginative, filled with empathy and quiet wisdom — like a dad, but not. Like a dad, but single. Children’s-book guy will wake up just before you, stepping over your rescue dog to start the Chemex and make you both pancakes (childlike wonder). Children’s-book guy skateboards to work, or at least rides a bike. He leaves little doodles and love notes around your apartment. Children’s-book guy keeps plants. He appreciates great light. He dresses well, nurtures his body as a way to nurture his creativity.