Sunday, December 27, 2015

Link roundup

1. "The Worst: 11 Terrible Art World Moments of 2015"

Malevich’s “Black Square” revealed as hiding a racist joke
I pity the hypothetical art-history PhD candidate in the midst of writing a thesis on the Suprematist icon this fall, when researchers discovered that in one version of “Black Square,” the titular geometry is covering up a lame (and plagiarized!) joke — namely, that the shape represents a “battle of negroes in a dark cave.” How to square the painting’s transcendent reputation with this uncomfortable new information, which turns a cornerstone of abstraction into a stupid, and backwards, pun?
2. "Forget 'normcore', with its beige chinos and dull sweatshirts, and say hello to 'chaos magic' and all things spiritual" (article from September)

3. "baby fish hiding under the bell of a jellyfish and using its stinging threads as protection from circling predators"