Saturday, April 23, 2016

Link roundup

1. "The sweet spot for building drug tunnels [is] in San Diego's Otay Mesa neighborhood"

Go too far west and the ground will be sandy and potentially soggy from the water of the Pacific Ocean. That could lead to flooding, which wouldn’t be good for the drug business. Too far east and you’ll hit a dead end of hard mountain rock.

But, in a strip of land that runs between roughly the Tijuana airport and the Otay Mesa neighborhood in San Diego, there’s a sweet spot of sandstone and volcanic ash that isn’t as damp as the oceanic earth and not as unyielding as stone.
2. "Before the Stonewall Uprising, There Was the ‘Sip-In’"
According to Mr. Wicker and Mr. Leitsch, their battle to be served was a subset of a larger issue: the ritualized police entrapment of gay men for intent to have sex. “With this action, we were entrapping them into obeying the law,”
3. Deadpool editor cosplays as Gwenpool.

4. New Alien tee at Last Exit to Nowhere.