Thursday, April 14, 2016

Link roundup

1. The woman in this Taco Bell commercial looks like a Frank Quitely drawing come to life.

2. "How do those [baseball] uniforms get so clean?"

“You can find some type of powder, like an Oxyclean that comes in powder. Put it in the washer overnight, let it sit in hot water, start it up the next morning and rewash them”
3. NYT:
Kuei, 48, a stay-at-home mother from San Jose, Calif., hunkered down at her computer and began poring over highlight videos featuring Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin, her favorite N.B.A. player. She fumbled around on Final Cut Pro, a video-editing program, splicing together the specific clips she had sought. She did this for six straight nights, three hours each night.


To Kuei’s surprise, the video soon attracted close to a million views, capturing the attention of basketball fans around the world and the eye of the league.
4. 3.75" Game of Thrones figures available for preorder.