Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Link roundup

1. Construction on Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

"It is hard to see, but there are smaller, forced perspective floating mountains that have been recently installed"
2. "10 Hottest New Restaurants in Honolulu"

3. "Big money overwhelms a small SoCal Assembly race"
The working-class communities in the 47th Assembly district are some of the most economically disadvantaged in Southern California. The largest city in this district, San Bernardino, is still reeling from bankruptcy, with an unemployment rate of 7.2%, compared with 5.4% statewide. The district's residents are suffering too from some of the worst air pollution in the nation, a result of geography — the 47th backs up against the mountains where the dirty air collects — and the industrial history of a region built by railroads and Kaiser Steel.

The big political forces battling over the Assembly seat don't seem to care about the district's unique needs, however. They want someone who will reliably side with them on their issues, regardless of how they might affect his or her constituents.
4. Cumberbatch Doctor Strange Marvel Select figure available for preorder.