Sunday, June 19, 2016

Playing the new Zelda game on the current system


There were some niggles with the game though. The first is perhaps a little unfair being that we are still months away from release, but at times the game chugged on Wii U hardware. When there were more than two enemies on screen, I felt a real chug by the console, and framerate suffered because of it. Of course, there is time to fix this, and also the game is also coming to the supposedly more powerful Nintendo NX, but worth keeping an eye on at least.

The other big point I have with the game is its sprint feature. In order to do that, you have to hold one of the face buttons, move with the directional stick and look around with the camera. Notice the problem? Sadly as humans we’ve only been graced with two stupid thumbs so doing all three actions at once requires some hand gymnastics on the massive Wii U controller. Perhaps this tells us something about the Nintendo NX controller, but I’ve tried to reverse engineer the thing and have come up with nothing.