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Friday, September 26, 2014

Commercial for Toy Story That Time Forgot and Sky Broadband.

Monday, July 21, 2014

I've seen this from two sources, yet it still feels like a hoax

"Mike Mignola’s poster for our upcoming Christmas special, THE TOY STORY THAT TIME FORGOT."

(But that story about Warren Ellis and Mike Allred writing a Bacardi comic, that's a hoax for sure right?  Right?)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Toy Story of Terror posters via.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Art roundup

Sky Tiger tee and hoodie by Joe Conde on sale at Threadless.

Property of Andy tee by John Thyberg on sale at Threadless.

Illustration by Britt Wilson for an article on dating website ChristianMingle.

Castle Grayskull by Anthony Petrie for an upcoming show at Gallery 1988.

Upcoming Terminator-inspired t-shirt by Last Exit to Nowhere.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Halo Micro Ops; Toy Story Cosbabies

Halo Micro Ops by McFarlane:

McFarlane Toys expands its long-running, best-selling line of Halo collectibles this fall, with the addition of Halo Micro Ops. This all-new series consists of miniature figures, vehicles, and locations from the entire Halo universe, at roughly 1:100/15mm scale.

Todd McFarlane, CEO and founder of McFarlane Toys says, "Halo is known for its massive, larger-than-life visuals. From the towering Forerunner relics, to the enormous military transports, to the Halo rings themselves, everything is designed to make your human character feel small and overwhelmed. That's awesome for a video game, but it's a challenge for toy makers! With our standard 6-inch action figures, we found we could release small vehicles like the Ghost and the Mongoose, and medium ones like the Warthog, but that was about as big as we could go. In order to be able to create anything larger—to really bring the rest of the Halo universe to collectors—we had to go smaller. Much smaller."

With its smaller size, Halo Micro Ops covers the Halo universe, from the tiniest Grunt to the largest Scarab. With such a wide range of product sizes to cover, Micro Ops is available in four different packages. Small carded sets include small vehicles like the Warthog and Ghost. Larger carded sets offer bigger vehicles such as the Falcon, or small buildings like the Bunker from the Halo 3 multiplayer map High Ground. Larger buildings, including the Tower or Gate sections of High Ground, are packaged in small boxes, while large vehicles such as the Elephant will be packaged in an even larger box.

"When you turn the scale down, you turn the possibilities up," Todd explains. "With Micro Ops, we're pulling the camera way back, and looking at a bigger picture. Our 6-inch figures are a great way to bring the individual characters of Halo to collectors—from Master Chief, to Noble Team, to the Elites and Grunts of the Covenant. But the Halo universe is so much bigger than that. Vehicles like the Pelican, the Falcon, the Phantom—they're all important pieces of the universe. Environments like New Mombasa, High Charity, or The Library; these are all as memorable and important as Master Chief himself. With Micro Ops, we can now begin to bring the full scope of Halo to fans."
Starting at $9 at the BBTS.

Toy Story 3 Cosbabies - - $10 each or available as a set.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Illustration roundup

Illustrations by Tim Shumate, who has lots of t-shirts and prints on sale here.

Judge Dredd by Francesco Francavilla.

Princess Mononoke by Sam Bosma, who has various prints on sale here.

Mike Mitchell's contributions for the upcoming Jim Henson tribute show at Gallery Nucleus. He has various prints on sale here.

Castle Grayskull by Aled Lewis, who has various prints on sale here.

*Buy Judge Dredd toys at Amazon.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alternative posters for Toy Story 3 and Black Swan

Sam Smith designed posters for his ten favorite movies of 2010. He has various prints on sale here.

*Buy Black Swan posters at eBay.