Sunday, February 23, 2014

From a lengthy interview with threeA's Ashley Wood:

J: [asking about the seamless joints on the new Iron Man figure]

A: They’re ratcheted, they’re clutch joints.

J: But the outer skin is a rubber type skin, right?

A: PVC, it’s different.

J: Were there a lot of problems, because over time people have been having a lot of tearing.

A: Well, you can’t guarantee that, I mean you could make it Kevlar but it’s too strong. You’re only paying $200. Even though it’s three bills, it’s only $200. If you want to buy an Audi as opposed to a Prius, it’s different. I could make them last with a more expensive outer material that will not fail, but it’s going to be like $800,000. It’s PVC, and that’s really strong. Have you checked out our Halo figures? Same thing and no one’s ever had a complaint. I’ve never had any deterioration.