Monday, January 23, 2017

"Is This An Ad? Mindy Kaling And Casper Mattresses"


A Casper rep told me, “Mindy is a Casper employee’s roommate’s friend’s boss. She’s also one of our favorite comedians.”


But did she get it free? Yup. According to Casper, “We heard she was interested in buying a mattress and we were happy to gift her new beds.”


But you’ll notice in the comments that… it’s also clearly working for Casper, regardless of whether or not it’s an ad. Mindy Kaling fans are chatting with each other about Casper mattresses — one person has some of her own and recommends them, another asks if they’re really too firm, other people say how they want to get one. This, my friends, is exactly why Casper gave two free mattresses to a celebrity.