Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Wall Street battered [Under Armour] stock Tuesday, sending it down a staggering 25 percent by late morning"


Meanwhile, the company copped to missing the mark on its clothing assortment. Its basic, staple items didn’t catch customers’ eyes in a competitive environment. Plus, executives said, they didn’t offer enough options for style-conscious shoppers, the ones going wild for the “athleisure” trend.

“We need to become more fashion,” Plank said on the conference call. “The consumer wants it all. They want product that looks great, that wears great, that you wear at night with a pair of jeans, but also that performs for them.”

This is an area where its new Baltimore manufacturing facility, UA Lighthouse, could eventually have some impact: The company said it was able to dramatically cut its speed-to-market timeline by using this domestic hub to develop products. This, in turn, could allow it to better offer trendy merchandise at the right time.