Monday, April 3, 2017

"In Their War With The Wall Street Journal, Top YouTubers Just Played Themselves"


“Seems like some simple fact-checks could have gone out to it before you completely demonized and destroyed a platform and the income of all their users,” Klein said. By the end of the video, Klein urges his viewers to share his investigation widely, and many people obliged. On Twitter, Klein’s announcement of the footage had accrued over 17k retweets, not counting signal boosts from other prominent YouTubers on their own pages. On Reddit, the video got over 69k upvotes just on r/videos, in addition to being reposted by 30 additional subreddits. Many top creators posted in outrage on social media, and at least a couple declared “war” on the Wall Street Journal over Klein’s investigation.

Hours later, people realized that Klein’s video had a flawed premise.