Saturday, June 24, 2017

A theory on why Lord and Miller were fired

A theory shared by The Ankler:

I cannot think of another situation where someone was fired that far into principal photography, save for one.
Hal Ashby got fired from 8 Million Ways to Die on last day of principal. And it was for a very specific reason that I bet is in play here.

They'll debate credit later.. There'll be a formula. If it's determined Lord/Miller directed more than 50% they'll get credit. But If a director finishes a film, DGA contract mandates they have to be allowed to have 12 weeks to deliver their first directors' cut unmolested and the studio isn't allowed to recut/kick out of editing room until after that point.

With Ashby, they fired him specifically so they could lock him out of editing.

I suspect something similar here. Maybe they wouldn't have been able to get reshoot changes they want on timetable schedule if Lord/Miller objected to them.