Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Some informed speculation on the Spidey franchise, and especially the new Venom movie

From today's edition of The Ankler:

And then the other shoes start to fall.

Plotting on the sidelines, Arad and Tolmach bring their old Universe plans to Rothman. One might wonder, during this piping time of peace, what thrill Tom was feeling that on his lot, his old nemesis was getting credit for creative genius, whilst he festered in Sony’s catastrophic year of Ghostbusters, Angry Birds, Inferno andPassengers.

Once Marvel was locked in with the contract for Homecoming 2, Rothman starts to make his moves. He works with Arad and Tolmach and greenlights Tom Hardy as Venom for October 2018. Slated to come out right in the wake of the next Avengers installment. He hires Gina Prince-Blythewood for the female-led, spin-off Silver & Black that Pascal was so eager to develop once upon a time as studio head. And then to up the awkwardness a few dozen notches, Arad and Tolmach’s one-time boss and current rival Pascal falls right in the middle of this mess, when Pascal is left drop the bomb during a Homecoming press junket, leading to this now viral Sad Feige video: