Friday, July 13, 2018

On the success of SyFy's Wynonna Earp


The relationships among the cast and showrunner and “Wynonna Earp” fans — known as “Earpers” — are so intense, the next year will bring conventions devoted solely to the show in Toronto, Minneapolis, New Orleans and London


“Wynonna Earp,” the tale of a woman and her allies battling monsters, has a value for Syfy beyond balance sheets, according to Chris McCumber, president of Syfy. Viewership among women aged 18-34 was up 44 percent in the show’s second year, and more than half of the audience is women — the highest ratio within the otherwise male-skewing Syfy viewership.


From the start, Ms. Andras and the cast have had unusually tight bonds with the show’s enthusiastic, inclusive fan community.


a friendly, tolerant Earper culture that emphasizes consideration and community-building over factional flame wars or personal attacks. Respectful differences are accommodated; toxic meltdowns, like the ones glimpsed in certain sectors of the “Star Wars” fandom, are not. They don’t even record the video hangouts, a decision that aims to make guests, famous and not, “feel comfortable popping in to have fun,” Mr. Bachelder said. “It’s not going to live forever on the internet — everybody can just be themselves.”