Monday, August 27, 2018

"Nine months after a mysterious new company bought LA Weekly, one of the company’s owners is suing the rest"


alleging they have mismanaged the alternative weekly, pillaged it for their own gain and improperly kicked him out of the management team.


Welch, a Los Angeles cannabis attorney, filed his lawsuit Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court


Calle, the suit says, has been making $120,000 a year as chief marketing officer of Orange County marijuana firm Kurvana even as he retains “full editorial control” of LA Weekly, and has arranged for Kurvana to be promoted in LA Weekly at the paper’s expense. Calle let Kurvana run ads in the Weekly even after racking up a balance due of tens of thousands of dollars, the lawsuit says. Further, it says, LA Weekly ran a “glowing review” of a Kurvana product July 26 without disclosing that Calle is in charge of Kurvana’s marketing.