Thursday, June 13, 2019

Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth stylized vinyl figures (Men In Black) available for preorder

Various new vinyl figures by Weta available for preorder.

And speaking of MIB, "An Oral History of Vincent D'Onofrio's Perfect Men in Black 'Sugar Water' Scene":

D’Onofrio: Early on, I was looking at bug documentaries and it was such a fucking boring task. I hated it so much. I was sitting there with my roommate at the time, Steve, and at one point the camera zooms in on a beetle crossing a porch and I had to turn it off. Instead, I started to work backward, thinking about the end of the movie. If that thing was really supposed to be folded up inside me, it’d be a pretty difficult to get around. So I had my legs locked off, which was my own concoction. I went out and bought two basketball knee braces and locked off my knees and ankles so they couldn’t move up or down or to the side. The first week or so of shooting, that was under my costume. I had to force myself to move and make portions of my body react to each other involuntarily, so you knew something else was happening inside my body.


I was so into what Rick was doing. He’s such an artist. His original designs are very close to what we ended up doing for Edgar. He’d actually take a part of my cheek and glue it to another area of my face so it pulled my entire face up — it was a trip. They’d put prosthetics on top of that.
And not as funny:

And an alternate idea for the new movie: