Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Here's a whole lot of praise for Sam Barlow's new game, but

The good news is:

PCGamer says, "An atmospheric, brilliantly written and acted detective thriller that tells a compelling story in a unique way"

USGamer says, "When it comes to good interactive mysteries, Telling Lies is among the best you can get."

Polygon says, "Telling Lies is the next evolution of what Sam Barlow can do with this new — and thus far not imitated — genre of full-motion video mysteries."

Gameinformer says, Phenomenal acting and a deep central mystery make this voyeuristic adventure game something special.

IGN says, "Telling Lies is a rich, deep story that keeps on giving, even after you’ve finished your first playthrough."

But I wish one of the articles at least acknowledged his last interactive storytelling project WarGames. For example, the Verge said, "I really enjoyed the idea of WarGames, but my interest waned pretty early on, and so did my desire to interact with it."