Monday, August 19, 2019

"Proud Boys Wander Lost Through Portland as Police Allow Wild Goose Chase by Antifascists"


The two groups wandered across downtown Portland this afternoon, but rarely encountered their adversaries, thanks to a police strategy that allowed the groups broad leeway to move along streets and sidewalks, so long as they remained far apart from each other.

So when the Proud Boys and their allies gathered north of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the cops kept antifascists bottled at the west end of the Hawthorne Bridge. When a diminished contingent of the far right marched west across the Tilikum Bridge into the South Waterfront, police allowed antifa to stroll across the Burnside Bridge and wander among the warehouses of the Central Eastside.


(Because early videos were misleading, this post has been changed to explain who first wielded the hammer.)
Video: [Southern] California High-School Students [on the Boys' Water Polo Team] Sang Nazi Song and Gave Hitler Salute


The video was uploaded to Instagram by one of the athletes, who also posted lyrics to the song in his Instagram bio."