Monday, September 9, 2019

"Why Is Tulsi Gabbard Paying This Obscure Consultant Big Bucks?"

Civil Beat:

Cell phone service is non-existent and there are no roads in. Visitors travel mostly via ferry, which each day makes a run up Lake Chelan, a 55-mile journey that can take up to four hours. Other options include horse, foot and floatplane.


Gabbard and her campaign staff have refused to talk about Robinson and what specifically he has done to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially how effective he can really be on a presidential campaign while living and working in a remote Pacific Northwest village.

Robinson also refused to talk to Civil Beat, even after Civil Beat travelled to Stehekin in an attempt to reach him at his home, which is the same cabin he uses to run Northwest Digital using a small satellite dish in the backyard.


does not appear to have any background in politics or digital advertising.


Like her, he has ties to an obscure religious sect