Friday, October 11, 2019

“I don’t think losing is cool. I want the Democratic Party to be the party of Kyrsten Sinema and not the party of Beto O’Rourke"

NY Mag profiled Max Rose:

And if Rose got a lot of attention in his first ten months or so in office — as an envoy to Trump country; as a 32-year-old centrist counterpart to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (she is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, he is the youngest man currently serving) — the last several weeks have turned him into a minor political celebrity in his own right, after he became one of the last Democrats in the country to come out in favor of an impeachment inquiry.


To call Rose’s district a swing seat is to understate the case. In 2013, Bill de Blasio beat his Republican opponent by 49 points citywide, but he lost in Staten Island. In 2014, a Republican facing a 20-count federal indictment who had been abandoned by the national party beat his vastly better-funded Democratic challenger by 12 points.


Donald Trump won this district by a larger margin than he won in Texas.


“I don’t think losing is cool. I want the Democratic Party to be the party of Kyrsten Sinema and not the party of Beto O’Rourke,” he continues, referring to the congresswoman who in 2018 became the first Democratic senator from Arizona in 30 years, and the congressman who parlayed a losing race in Texas into celebrity.

“Losing is not as cool as he thinks it is,” Rose says. “When you win you get to help people, and when you lose you get to be a social-media rock star. So I don’t think Beto is cool, and I don’t think losing is cool. If we don’t win, we can’t do a fucking thing for anybody in a union, anybody in public housing, anybody that can’t reunite with their family because of a fucking racist Muslim ban. This is where it begins and ends for me, so fucking figure it out.”
Meanwhile, Pete Buttigieg imagines winning without fighting:
He hopes to win over Democrats who are drawn to Warren’s calls for big structural change to government but who want a candidate who isn’t bruising for a fight, the very quality that put Biden in the No. 1 slot.

“I love her. I’m a huge Elizabeth Warren fan,” said Elaine Bryant, an innkeeper in Denver, who said she’s leaning toward Buttigieg. “She a little more aggressive and that’s off-putting — in anyone, not just because she’s a woman. He seems very relatable.”

Buttigieg, talking to reporters on his Iowa bus tour, said he cares about results.

“She and I are after the same goals,” he said of Warren. “But her pitch has a lot more to do with fighting — she’s more interested in the fighting part of it. I’m more interested in outcomes.”