Friday, November 1, 2019

"The first dozen or so hours spent with 'Death Stranding' will likely try the patience of a chunk of its audience"


It is a game of delayed rewards. Only when the credits roll do its narrative elements snap into place with a magician’s flourish. It took me fifty-six hours to complete the fourteen episodes that make up its core campaign. And it wasn’t until I hit Episode 5, “Mama,” that the game really clicked for me.
the journey, for all its frustrations - the slow, plodding pace of the early game and the obtuse beginnings of its story - still serves as a worthy foundation for the excellent experience that follows.
The final act shakes things up, but the gruelling 15-20-hour mid-section is a seemingly endless toil of literal hills and valleys
the opening hours are so ploddingly paced that it makes the whole thing seem like a personal attack on the speedrunning community.
The final 10 hours of Death Stranding are a slog, just like the first 10 hours