Friday, December 27, 2019

"The Rise of Skywalker’s realest-feeling tech is ancient censorship software"

The Verge:

While my friends at Motherboard speculate that the “ban” is an excuse for greedy language module makers to sell Sith add-on packs, I’m not sure that holds up, since most companies at least mention the existence of products they’re trying to sell.


In Star Wars, the dagger’s DRM is actually worse than C-3PO’s, because it includes a secret pop-out viewer for pinpointing its coordinates. (Yes, Sith ceremonial weaponry works like an ’80s anti-piracy gimmick.) But at least that’s a system created by the forces of evil and serving its intended purpose. The translation ban is an apparently well-intentioned policy that tragically backfired, all because its creators chose a rigid technical fix instead of a more nuanced solution.
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