Monday, February 10, 2020

"TCL came out of nowhere to capture the US TV market. Up next: cheap phones"


TCL's phones, which use Google's Android operating system, are expected to offer many of the same features as other flagship phones this year. The TCL 10 Pro, for instance, will have four rear-facing cameras and an in-screen fingerprint reader, the same specs that have been rumored for Samsung's upcoming S20 line of phones.

A key differentiator: TCL will sell the 10 Pro for less than $500. The company is also aiming for a sub-$500 price tag for its first 5G phone. By comparison, 5G phones currently available from Samsung are priced $1,299 and up.


Streit argued that TCL is in a very different position than its peers. For one thing, it doesn't manufacture the kind of backbone wireless infrastructure that's been at the core of allegations against Huawei. He added that the company also doesn't supply chips to others, a reference to a disputed Bloomberg report about Chinese vendors adding hardware backdoors to servers used by Apple and Amazon.
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