Monday, March 23, 2020

Chance to win a Daniel Warren Johnson sketch cover featuring a Hoth battle scene


Comic shops are in need right now, as the coronavirus pandemic has taken away their ability to do business in the traditional fashion. Many have been forced to switch to mail-order only, something their customers are not used to utilizing. So they need our help to make it through this thing.

With that in mind, each day this week – Monday through Friday – I’m teaming up with a different comic artist to hopefully drive sales to specific shops. I’ll be updating this article each day with the new artist + shop, but the way it works is simple.

Reach out to the specific shop
Order $20 worth of comics you probably were going to buy anyways
Share your purchase on social media, tagging the specific shop and the SKTCHD account (SKTCHDcomic on Twitter, SKTCHD on Instagram or Facebook) in the process
Immediately get entered to win an original piece of art from a top comic book artist and a year’s subscription to SKTCHD

That’s it! Existing SKTCHD subscribers are eligible, and you do not have to be in the area of the comic shop to participate. Let’s get to Monday’s giveaway, though. It’s a good one. Those who order $20 of comics from Challengers Comics + Conversation in Chicago today, Monday, March 23rd – you do so by emailing them at – are immediately entered to win that year long SKTCHD subscription and An original Star Wars sketch cover by DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON.

Some recent Star Wars illustrations by Daniel: