Friday, March 13, 2020

The first seven season of Columbo are free via IMDB on Amazon Prime

My favorite episodes are
7.4 "The Conspirators"
7.2 "Make Me a Perfect Murder
7.1 "Murder Under Glass"
4.3 "By Dawn's Early Light"
3.7 "Swan Song"
5.2 "A Case of Immunity"
5.1 "Forgotten Lady"
6.3 "The Bye-bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case"
3.3 "Candidate for Crime"

(I didn't realize until now that my favorites were almost all from the last season.)

Also, The Black Monday Murders by Hickman and Coker is 60% off again.

And A Short Hike, which got some good reviews, is free in the Epic Games store.