Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Buzzfeed tracked down the sheriff's deputy in the viral McDonald's video

From the start of the article:
A Georgia sheriff's deputy has gone viral after posting a tearful video complaining that her breakfast order at a local McDonald’s took longer than usual and was incomplete, adding that she feared restaurant staff were tampering with her food.

But the store's owners tell BuzzFeed News their staff did not intentionally mistreat the deputy, nor deny her service.

"We are happy to report that the officer was never denied service and also shared positive feedback on the employee with whom she interacted," said restaurant owners Gary and Jill Stanberry. "As a locally owned and operated business, we work hard every day to treat all of our employees and customers with dignity and respect."
Speaking of tracking down, here's how investigators identified the woman they believe set fire to two patrol cars:
In amateur photos given to authorities, she is seen wearing a T-shirt that says, "Keep the immigrants, deport the racists."

They were able to trace the T-shirt back to an Etsy shop, where a review was left by a user that displayed a Philadelphia location.

Investigators say open searches for the username led them to a Poshmark user [with her real name]. Open searches for a [that name] in Philadelphia led investigators to a LinkedIn profile for a woman who was employed as a massage therapist.

The company's website had multiple videos posted, some which included a woman who, investigators say, matched a driver's license photo of [the woman].

In several of the videos, which appear to be a few years old, the woman is seen with the same peace sign forearm tattoo as seen in the amateur photos from the May 30 unrest, investigators said.
And finally, speaking of web investigation, a fun thread about debunking a viral image: