Friday, August 28, 2020

Blind-boxed miniatures of retro Toshiba electronics available for preorder, plus this cool customizable motorcycle and rider

Retronics Vol.1 Nostalgic Electronics Showa 30's Toshiba Box of 8:

This box of 8 different miniature replicas are perfect for your 1/12 scale figures! Based on real Japanese electronics, this box will take you back to the Showa era with a Toshiba 1956 VK-3 washing machine, 1958 T-14EH television, two different 1960 LP electric fans, 1961 TAS-310 stereo, 1962 GR-100TS refrigerator, and two different 1/8 scale 1964 HTS-62 stovetops.
And also just posted for preorder, Acid Rain FAV-SP05 Capybara RED JP 2020 Set: