Friday, August 28, 2020

"Kenosha's sheriff says he hasn't watched video of police shooting Jacob Blake"

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

At the close of the press conference, Kenosha County Sheriff David G. Beth said he hadn't seen the video of Kenosha police shooting Blake in the back multiple times, the event that paralyzed Blake the waist down, according to his family, and led to days of unrest in the city.

He didn't answer whether he thought it was a problem that he hadn't seen the widely circulated video of the shooting recorded by a bystander.

A video posted to Twitter seems to show Beth watching the video at the scene of the shooting.
Media Wire:
Reporter: “As the top law enforcement official in this county, do you see a problem, just from that video of what that officer did?”

Sheriff David Beth: “I think I answered, I did not see the video.”

Reporter: “You have never seen that cellphone video?”

Sheriff David Beth: “I’m sticking to the same thing I answered earlier. Yes, I have not seen…”

Reporter: “Do you have a problem with that, that you haven’t seen that video?”