Wednesday, February 10, 2021

"Dead Famous: An Unexpected History of Celebrity from Bronze Age to Silver Screen" is 99 cents right now

at Amazon:

In this ambitious history, that spans the Bronze Age to the coming of Hollywood's Golden Age, Greg Jenner assembles a vibrant cast of over 125 actors, singers, dancers, sportspeople, freaks, demigods, ruffians, and more, in search of celebrity's historical roots.
The result fizzes with clever vignettes and juicy tidbits. Meet the Georgian literary forger William-Henry Ireland, who claimed to have discovered a trunkful of Shakespearean manuscripts, complete with a new play, Vortigern and Rowena. The journalist Maury Paul reinvented himself as the wonderfully named high-society chronicler ”Cholly Knickerbocker” (though he also liked to call himself, more simply, “Mr Bitch”).

(I picked it up from my wishlist.)