Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Want to see your turkey on a webcam before it's slaughtered?

Heritage turkeys typically cost at least $4 per pound--at 26 pounds, Heritage Foods' biggest bird sells for $209, shipping included; grocers can sell a factory-farm Butterball at a quarter of that price. So Martins and Wickstrom decided to target foodies. With Big Turkey selling 46 million birds at Thanksgiving, even a sliver of the market would be great business, especially for small turkey farms, which, Martins says, "have had a hard time finding support."

While Wickstrom kept the books, Martins, who has a master's degree in performance studies, became the heritage turkey's chief publicist. He sent turkeys to the press for taste tests. (Reviewers typically say they're richer, juicier, and have more dark meat than industrial birds.) He helped Frank Reese, one of his suppliers, install a Webcam on his Kansas farm so customers could see their birds pre-slaughter.

That excerpt is from the November issue of Fast Company. I looked up the article online and found no link to the businesses discussed. Really? "Fast Company" can't even add a hyperlink to its online articles? I found another article about the webcam at CNN. No hyperlink there either. No wonder I get my news from bloggers.

Here's Heritage Foods' website. This link appears to be the webcam, but it wasn't working when I checked.