Friday, January 31, 2020

"Nike Vaporfly shoes are not banned but Eliud Kipchoge's are"


Any new shoe technology developed after 30 April will have to be available on the open market for four months before an athlete can use it in competition.

World Athletics has also introduced an immediate indefinite ban on any shoes that have a sole thicker than 40mm.


An immediate indefinite ban has also been introduced on any shoe that contains more than one "rigid embedded plate or blade".
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"Opera singer danced on an SUV, then crashed through Mar-a-Lago barricades. Cops opened fire"

Miami Herald:

approached Mar-a-Lago, about three miles south of the Breakers, driving the SUV through a staffed security barricade on a public road outside the club. Then she crashed through a second staffed checkpoint.

“The deputies and Secret Service agents that were there got out of the way just in time,” Bradshaw said.

As she continued toward the club’s main entrance, Secret Service agents and PBSO deputies opened fire, said Brian Swain, the Secret Service’s special agent in charge for Miami. Her vehicle was hit several times.


managed to get away, driving her vehicle over the Southern Boulevard bridge and into West Palm Beach. Authorities lost her, although PBSO scrambled a helicopter into the air.


“This is not a terrorist thing,” Palm Beach Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said at a Friday afternoon news conference. “This is somebody that obviously was impaired somehow.”

"At CVS, a form for staff members to report errors asks whether the patient is a 'media threat'"

Prosper's Demon book cover

By Sam Weber, for a book by KJ Parker.

Tiny Tribute to Brexit

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"My journey into the Tech Deck underground"


I became a fan of YouTube fingerboard personalities Kelsey Barker and Jeremy “ChubyMuffin” Pastor, and I kept finding references to something called “BRTs,” which I soon discovered was shorthand for a product called Blackriver Trucks. These tiny, immensely popular trucks are made by a company called Blackriver, based out of a small town in the German state of Bavaria. They cost $65 for a pair, more expensive than actual skateboard trucks (the company also makes fingerboard decks, wheels, grip tape, and “obstacles” to do tricks on). In pictures online, they glisten in colors of black, chrome, and gold. Many fingerboarders seem mystified by these coveted pieces of hardware. Reddit is full of posts asking if they’re worth the price compared to other types of fingerboard trucks; generally, the consensus seems to be yes.


On retail sites like Big Cartel and in the back alleys of Instagram DMs, fingerboard craftsmen like Vlad Ivanenko of Catfishbbq, John Cowart of Cowply, and Kalye Decks owners Christian Gonzales and Jude Lugtu sell handmade, five-ply wooden decks built to exacting specifications. Usually they feature original artwork applied to the board using heat-transfer techniques that allow for signs of skateboarding-style wear and tear. Other premiere brands like Joycult and Oak Wheels offer up urethane wheels with tiny bearings in them, while Blackriver, Dynamic Fingerboards, and Yellowood sell high-precision trucks that allow you to swerve and turn.

Cute thread about young love

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Where can I buy the Romulan space tunic?

Another good detail:

Instagram feed dedicated to vintage military advertising

"Dallas County attorney agrees to drop charges against men contracted by judicial branch to test courthouse security"

Des Moines Register:

were charged with third-degree burglary and possession of burglary tools after they tripped the alarm at the Dallas County Courthouse early on the morning of Sept. 11. It was later revealed they also performed physical penetration tests on the Polk County Courthouse and Judicial Building.
From November, "How a turf war and a botched contract landed 2 pentesters in Iowa jail"
Equally important, [the Dallas County Sheriff] said, is what he believed to be the overstepping of Iowa officials who retained Coalfire. When the sheriff confronted the men that night, he said: "The State of Iowa has no authority to allow you to break into a county building. You’re going to jail.”

Fin Fang Foom tiki mug by Mondo

Cloud Hugging a Mountain pin

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William Gibson novel or real life Japanese company?

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Soccer team's logo is an Icelandic volcanic eruption (art roundup)

"I'm reading William Gibson's new novel, Agency, and had to try my hand at making a 'McWolven'"


Ten funny tweets

*More funny posts.

Ten funny tweets

*More funny posts.

The three types of video games (video game roundup)

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

I really enjoyed Gris on iOS

A forgiving 2D-platformer with straightforward puzzles, plus the occasional terrifying flight from a Venom symbiote-like creature.