Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Ten funny tweets

Ann Leckie's Provenance is one of Amazon's deals of the day

The fourth book in the outstanding Ancillary Justice series (following different characters in the same universe).

Also, I just rented the John Cho movie Searching, which is 99 cents right now.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Epic scale Warhammer 40K vehicles available to 3D print

Many tanks and ships.

NECA's animated-style horror figures are available for preorder

Toony Terrors Wave 1. They Live aliens available for preorder, too.

Ten funny tweets

"What is a fact that you think sounds completely false and that makes you angry that it's true?"


Coolth is an actual word and it's the opposite of warmth

crocodiles can climb trees

If you mix water and sawdust and freeze it, the resulting 'ice' melts extremely slowly. like, 'weeks at room temperature' slowly

A spaghetto is one noodle of spaghetti
A dark story from the same thread:
Yo talking about capybaras. I thought they were great animals and were definitely my favourites at the local animal sanctuary.


I helped out one day cleaning up all the animal shelters, etc. and they have one capybara who is completely seperated from the rest. Thought it was weird so I asked why he is all alone.

Turns out they put him together with other animals (and other capybara) and every morning there would be animals with several bites/several dead capybaras, etc. and they couldn't figure out what the fuck was wrong.

They placed a night camera and turns out the capybara that is now separated was the goddamn problem! He murdered them, absolute psycho.

Cel shaded paint job

"Hyperreal" Vader figure available for preorder

Hasbro's new fancier figure line.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

"How a lifelong diet of games influenced The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle"

From an interview at Eurogamer about the novel:

Turton tried to write it when he was 21.


It took 12 years.


perhaps the strongest contributor to a video game feel was having a world with set rules - only, these weren't ironed out until surprisingly late in the day. It wasn't until an American publisher was interested, rules were pushed to the forefront. Call it cultural taste.

"The US edit was far more interested in the rules of the house," Turton says. "They were very specific about upfront wanting to know what these rules were. I think a lot of that is where the video game feel comes into it, by establishing the rules nice and early. In the UK edit, it felt a bit more loose around the edges, had a bit more of a dream quality to it. There were definitely rules but they weren't being explained as early.


He would wake up each day and pick a part of the book, from his spreadsheet, he wanted to write. "If I had a day where I felt like writing a big fight scene, I'd write a big fight scene," he says. "If I wanted to write a philosophical bit, I would find a philosophical bit on my plan and write that bit.

Disco ball man

Toy Fair 2019

There are dozens if not hundreds more photos at each link:

Marvel Legends.

DC Collectibles.


Good Smile Co.

Diamond Select.


Boss Fight Studio.

Hiya Toys.


Super 7.


Sara Alfageeh's print featuring a podcast enthusiast is available for purchase

Previously available only as a convention exclusive, now at inprint.

"The Forum's owners want to know if Inglewood's mayor has a romantic relationship with his aide"


Plans for a new L.A. Clippers arena in Inglewood have sparked a contentious legal battle between the owners of the famed Forum entertainment venue and top city leaders.


The dispute is part of a wave of litigation over the planned arena for the Clippers, which has spilled into the city’s politics. [Mayor] Butts handily won re-election last fall with extensive financial support from Clippers owner Steve Ballmer. MSG spent more than $700,000 to back an opponent.


Last year, [the executive assistant] was paid $215,856

Church logo or OCP?



Scorpion replaced by copper

GRIS vinyl figure

Available for preorder.

Baseball players with personal logos

Ten funny tweets

Saturday, February 16, 2019

"fun fact: Vampires actually WOULD show up in modern day photos and mirrors!"


back in ye olde times, mirrors were made with silver. And silver, being a "holy" or "pure" metal would not reflect the unholy image of an undead creature. Thus, no reflection in mirrors. As for photos, olde timey cameras used all manner of chemicals to create the image, and those chemicals would often include some amount of silver.

Modern day mirrors are made with aluminum behind the glass, not silver, so a vampire's reflection would show up no problem. And since modern cameras are all digital, they would show up in photos and videos too!

New Marvel Legends and other Hasbro Toyfair reveals available for preorder

Marvel Legends, Transformers, Fortnite.