Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Charming ideas for a Jurassic Park-themed bar

Nashville man accused of planting weapons and tools in a maximum security facility as it was being constructed in order to facilitate future escapes

An article from February:

"We are not confident we've found everything," Hall said Wednesday morning. "We are not going to work here until we're comfortable."

There is no clear opening date for the detention center, and between labor and equipment, the cost to repair the damage is $2 million and rising


"This has never been done anywhere. It will forever change how correctional facilities are built"
An update today:
The Nashville man who authorities say was behind an elaborate plot to stash firearms in the walls of the Davidson County Downtown Detention Center created a practice model to rehearse his scheme and had a cache of firearms in storage, a federal indictment shows.

Charging documents show that [the accused], a criminal justice advocate, created a practice facility in a basement, which was discovered in March when authorities executed a search warrant.


During his trips to the DDC, authorities say he stored weapons, guns, razor blades and handcuff keys in various hiding spots around the center.

"Hertz is a Frankenstein of financial engineering, beginning with its leveraged buyout in 2005 and continuing long after its private equity owners cashed out"

"the private equity firms de-risked while the company re-levered"

Etsy vendor wanted to sell facemasks that said “NYC Strong” in Yiddish - but the final product said “NYC Crotch” instead (Quaranzine)

New Humble Bundle features City Skylines

$1 for City Skylines and City Skylines Deep Focus Radio.

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"For more than a year, a violent tow truck war has been raging across the Greater Toronto Area"

From February in The Globe and Mail:

Dozens of trucks have been set on fire, and at least two men tied to the industry have been killed – one as he stood in front of his mother’s Scarborough home. The feuding shows no signs of abating, with at least two arsons reported in York Region during the first week of February alone.


A car that has been in a crash typically needs more than just a tow from Point A to Point B. It may need repair work, and the driver might need physiotherapy. It’s an open secret in the industry that some body shops and rehab clinics will pay tow truck drivers to bring them business. As a result of these kickback fees, a single car can yield thousands of dollars, and “chasers” are racing each other to every job.


In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the city’s boroughs were unofficially carved up into “kingdoms” by towing operators – an arrangement that required some companies to pay organized crime groups for protection in order to work, the report explained. In some cases, these groups were paid a flat monthly fee. In others, they took a cut of each job.
An update today:
Police announced 20 arrests in total.


According to police, evidence seized as part of the search warrants includes:

11 tow trucks.
Dozens of guns, including handguns, shotguns, rifles, and a machine gun.
Thousands of rounds of ammunition.
Two conductive energy weapons and brass knuckles.
An assortment of drugs, including five kilograms of fentanyl, 1.5 kilograms of cocaine, 1.25 kilograms of crystal meth and 1.5 kilograms of pot.
Over $500,000 in cash.
And a 2014 article about Los Angeles:
Bandit tow trucks will take your car for ransom

Reviews for Netflix's Space Force are in, and mostly, "yikes"

Rolling Stone asks "How did this happen, though? How did so much talent and money go to such waste?"

The headline at The Daily Beast is "Steve Carell’s New Netflix Series ‘Space Force’ Is Shockingly Bad"

Entertainment Weekly calls it "an innocuous and startlingly unfunny sitcom"

57% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes when I checked.

Annihilation poster commission (art roundup)

Monday, May 25, 2020

Lots of fun factoids about Mission Impossible 2

From a very long thread:

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One Cut of the Dead is a very fun zombie movie

It's a nesting doll of absurdity, and when you think it's over, is really just starting. Definitely better to go in knowing as little as possible.

99 cent rental at Amazon, or free if you have Shudder.


Infinity Mirror Earrings

From the thread:

Lego minifigs based on Die Hard, The Princess Bride, and more

Available here. And speaking of Lego, some playful body horror on the cover of this new minifigure journal:

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Glow in the dark "DEF CON is canceled" merchandise available

Available now.

Also, here are the unofficial results for the hack-a-satellite qualifiers:

The United States Air Force, in conjunction with the Defense Digital Service, presents this year’s Space Security Challenge, Hack-A-Sat. This challenge asks hackers from around the world to focus their skills and creativity on solving cybersecurity challenges on space systems.

Pull together a team for our Hack-A-Sat Capture The Flag. Participants who successfully complete a set of qualification challenges on cybersecurity and space this spring will be invited to the ultimate challenge: to (ethically) hack a satellite.

The main event is scheduled for August 7.

Tom Brady just split his pants on tv

Tag yourself, I'm "Metal Suspicion"

Baptism at twenty paces (Quaranzine)

A long look at Gregg Jefferies's failure in the major leagues

(For background, read about when Gregg Jefferies ruled the trading card market). The NY post this weekend has a long look at his failure with the Mets:

Jefferies had his own custom-made black SSK bats.


the bats became fingernails on the chalkboard for those Mets


So there was the day that Strawberry emptied all of Jefferies’ bats in the middle of the clubhouse, where Jefferies found them. And the day when he discovered his game bat sawed in half.


These days a good deal of American-born drafted players have been on elite travel teams since youth and have their own bats and their own bags and their own hitting and/or throwing gurus and their own training regimen. Or as Cone said, “What was thought of as spoiled then is commonplace now.”

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Check out this custom Mandalorian and Blurrg playset

A post shared by @ hasnotalent on

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Dice Goblin (art roundup)

Saturday, May 23, 2020

You can Airbnb a minor league baseball stadium

$1,500 a night plus:

Welcome to the ULTIMATE baseball experience!

For the first time ever, a professional baseball stadium is available for rent on AirBnB, giving fans the most intimate, behind-the-scenes ballpark experience in history. Whether you'd like to host an unforgettable overnight trip with your youth league team, throw an unbeatable birthday bash, stage a corporate retreat that will make you an office hero, or spend your bachelor party living your sports dream, Blue Wahoos Stadium is the ultimate rental.

The space
Over the past eight seasons, Blue Wahoos Stadium has established itself as one of America's premier minor league facilities. A three-time recipient of the Southern League Ballpark of the Year award and the reigning Best View in Double-A, the ballpark experience at the stadium consistently receives industry-leading fan satisfaction and net promoter scores while offering breathtaking ocean views, award-winning food, and unparalleled customer service.

Guests staying at the ballpark will have full access to the newly-renovated and fully-furnished clubhouse, a large bedroom with 10 beds, the batting cage, and the field itself!

Want to hit with your friends in our batting cage? Be our guest! Want to play catch on the field at 11:30 PM? Be our guest! Want to take batting practice while having a couple cold ones with the boys? Be our guest! Want to take down your siblings in ping pong and video games in the clubhouse? Be our guest! Want to enjoy breakfast at home plate? Be our guest!

About the spaces:
The Clubhouse: The spacious and newly-renovated clubhouse at Blue Wahoos Stadium includes four leather couches, two flat screen TVs, a ping pong table, padded chairs, and two large tables. Two bathrooms with showers are connected directly to the clubhouse.

The Bedroom: The large bedroom is connected directly to the clubhouse and has four bunk beds and two queen-sized beds, allowing 10 to sleep comfortably. It also includes two flat screen televisions and a kitchenette with a fridge, freezer, coffee-maker, and microwave.

The Batting Cage: Guests will be given access to Blue Wahoos Stadium's batting tunnel, allowing them to hit just like the players do! Bats, balls, and helmets will be provided.

The Field: Guests will have full and exclusive access to the baseball field at Blue Wahoos Stadium during their stay. A full batting practice set-up is included on the field. Guests are welcome to hit from home plate, play catch in the outfield, run the bases, enjoy a picnic in the outfield, or find other creative uses for the field!

A Blue Wahoos representative will provide a full tour of the areas when the guests arrive. A staff member will be stationed in the ballpark throughout the guest's stay to provide security and answer questions.

*Add on's to your experience including food and beverage packages, merchandise and additional experiences are available for an additional charge*
*Previously: This is the cereal box that saved Airbnb

MAFEX Gambit and Captain America figures available for preorder

Both include multiple heads and bunch of accessories.

Maps and diagrams from the Star Trek The Next Generation episode "Conspiracy" about the throat parasites

*Previously: The Enterprise in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” had a deck called Cetacean Ops, where dolphins and whales were crew mates

ESPN's baseball writer says the California Angels are "an exercise in how not to act"

From Jeff Passan's lengthy summary of the prospects for Major League Baseball to resume:

Hey, got a joke for you.


The Los Angeles Angels.

What the Angels did this week to their baseball operations department, gutting it from top to bottom, was an exercise in how not to act during what's a treacherous time for everyone in the world.

As the Minnesota Twins and St. Louis Cardinals guaranteed full pay for full-time employees through June ... as the Milwaukee Brewers promised no furloughs to their baseball-operations employees and full pay to lower-level employees for the remainder of the season ... as clubs followed the examples set by other organizations that have pledged to treat their employees with the respect and empathy owed people whose diligence and hard work built the foundations for successful organizations ... the Angels furloughed almost all of their scouts and player-development personnel.

All of it was galling. Particularly gross was how it intersects with the June 10 amateur draft. Angels scouts have been poring over video and filing amateur reports all spring. Most of them will be gone June 1. The Angels told cross-checkers that they'll stay on through the draft -- and then get furloughed less than a week later.



Here's all you need to know: Angels owner Arte Moreno, who is the ultimate decision-maker in the organization, has a reported net worth of $3.3 billion.

This couple was quarantined for 14 days in separate rooms in a Beijing hotel and documented the experience with photos and illustrations


To us, the two-week stay was a dark comedy. The genre: weird Wes Anderson. Think “The Grand Budapest Hotel” meets “The Lobster.”

Archaeologists have found the bones of "almost too many" mammoths to excavate at an airport under construction just north of Mexico City


[They were found] near human-built ’traps’ where more than a dozen mammoths were found last year.

Both discoveries reveal how appealing the area — once a shallow lake — was for the mammoths, and how erroneous was the classic vision of groups of fur-clad hunters with spears chasing mammoths across a plain. Humans may have been smarter — and mammoths clumsier — than people had previously thought.


Mammoth bones have always been so numerous in the area that the Aztecs, who ruled the Mexico Valley between 1325 and 1521, recorded having found the enormous bones; Sánchez Nava said the Aztecs interpreted them as proof of legends that giants had once populated the valley.

From my wishlist, Stories of Your life and Others is on sale today

$2.99 at Amazon for Ted Chiang's story collection, including the story that Denis Villeneuve's Arrival was based on.

The best wargaming miniatures of the week

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