Sunday, March 31, 2019

Ten funny tweets

Marbloid cassette packaging; Deluxe Bath from Red Dead cosplay; Beat Saber with claws

"one of my favourite Japanese wrestling companies have been running a story where their Ace was accused of having an affair with a famous Giant Panda and today she had to fight the Giant Panda's aggrieved wife"

Wargaming miniatures roundup

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

"‘Romancing the Stone’ at 35: How Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner Survived Gators, Rain, and Studio Expectations"

Douglas recalled that the gator, whose jaw was wired shut by trainers, dove into the bay after attacking him.

“We were looking for him,” said Douglas. “Finally, we heard some people yelling a little further down. It was a night sequence and we moved the lights over to where it was. What we didn’t know was the wire had gotten loose and gotten off.”

The two trainers took a boat over to where the gator was and got into the water. “The worst thing happened,” said Douglas. “The alligator took the guy’s hand and spun and took him down and under.”

The other trainer, who was also the man’s brother, went down and wedged the gator’s mouth open to rescue his brother.

“We got him to the hospital in time. His hand was pretty mauled, and he lost a lot of blood. I went to see him. He wanted to whisper something to me, and I leaned over, and he said, ‘My Rolex.’ It turned out he saved losing his hand because the alligator bit down on his watch. We went back to the location, dove in the water
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Cosplaying as Thor's new hammer Stormbreaker

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Falcons on the plane


"There are two Matthew MacKays running for MLA in District 20, Kensington-Malpeque [Canada], one for the Progressive Conservative party and one for the Green party"

"Both politicians said they are not worried about confusion at the ballot box."

A night at murder cabin

From the thread:

*Previously: "It was a human figure, emaciated, with pitch black skin. Far ahead of us in the trail."

"Escape from Ultra: Festival’s first night on Virginia Key ends with chaotic crowd exit"

The event’s first day on Virginia Key [Miami] ended with a logistical meltdown when tens of thousands of concertgoers waited hours for shuttles off the island or walked nearly three miles across the Rickenbacker Causeway to hail rides.

And there was a fire.
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"The longtime manager of the CBS Employees Federal Credit Union has been charged with stealing more than $40 million"

"was arrested March 12, the same day he was suspended from work and his wife called police to say her husband was leaving the country"

Wargaming miniatures roundup

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