Monday, September 30, 2013

Adventure Time Dungeon Train

Adventure Time: Dungeon Train is pretty great (and would make an irresistible video game).

New beautiful and macabre surreal portraits by Ransom and Mitchell

Ransom and Mitchell have three upcoming shows at ZeroFriends, Bash Contemporary, and Roq La Rue. You can follow along at tumblr, instagram, and a tumblr dedicated to the ZeroFriends show.

Art roundup

Christian Pearce posted Elysium concept art.

Rooftop Spelunking by Hethe Srodawa.

Chimera by Svetlin Velinov.

Equinox movie poster available at Amazon. Via.

Green Lanterns by Giancarlo Volpe.

Adventure Time Dungeon Train teaser by Tom Herpich.

Pyramids of Mars toy set on sale.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Gawker:

A team of alleged mercenaries comprised of former American, German, and Polish snipers and soldiers, were arrested this week after DEA informants successfully hired the team to provide a variety of security, surveillance, and assassination work.

According to a release from the DEA, the five former soldiers — most with sniper experience — formed an "international hit team" across four continents.
The team also accepted $700,000 to assassinate a DEA special agent and an alleged confidential source in Liberia.

2. "Valve's Controller Has Been Tested. Here Are Some Impressions."

3. Another book grabbed off my wishlist, Alif the Unseen is a $2 download at Amazon.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Art roundup

Computer by Datamancer on sale at ebay.

Dunny by ilovedust.

Star Wars 1313 concept art.

KFC ketchup packet demon.

Shark Spirit poster.

Link roundup

1.  ESPN suggests an act of arson saved the Packers franchise.

2.  "Los Angeles school district officials say 71 iPads distributed to students as part of a 13-school trial run have gone missing. Of those, 69 were from one campus."

3.  ATF can't account for $127 million worth of cigarettes.

4.  Hyperviolent Attack on Titan capsule toys available for preorder.

5.  Picked up from my wishlist, Taylor Stevens's The Doll is a $3 download at Amazon. (The first book in the series was outstanding.)

Art roundup

Wolves by Cameron Stewart.

Dr. Strangelove poster by Tracie Ching.

Doctor Strange by Tom Fowler.

Brian Bolland posted a Doom Patrol cover gallery.

Plush Raiden by Violet.

Spy vs. Spy print by DKNG.

*Buy Spy vs. Spy toys at eBay.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Gizmodo:

Long ago, in the region surrounding Nevsehir and Kayseri, in central Turkey, an ancient people built, or rather dug, over 200 underground cities. The deepest of these, under the present day town of Derinkuyu, delves over 250 feet below the Earth’s surface, and boasts numerous tunnels, halls, meeting rooms, wells and passages.
2. The NFL:
Let’s watch some interchangeable monsters kick the shit out of each other strategically! And use a ball!
3. Funny to any dad coaching little league:
Let Hunter Pence Teach You How To Play Baseball Like An Idiot
4. "Was the infamous 'White Widow'—the British woman whose husband bombed the London Underground in 2005—present at the Kenya Mall Attack?"

5.  The light-up Thor's Hammer and Captain America's Shield wall decorations are now available for preorder.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Link roundup

1. Lucky Strikes cigarette "annual sales have increased 70% since Mad Men debuted."

2.  The slowest player in baseball.

3. "Harvard made more money last year than Halliburton."

4.  How to hide iTunes purchases when viewing movies on your iOS 7 device.  (Supposedly, doesn't seem to have worked on my phone.)

5.  Compelling argument for buying a Kindle HD, first deal in October will be Madden 25 for $5.

6. Speaking of Amazon, Neil Gaiman's 128-page Fortunately, the Milk is 70% off/$4.50 at Amazon.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Two iOS 7 changes: how to force close apps (you flick the top card up); how to delete messages in iMessage.

2.  Carl Zimmer:

We have the dubious privilege of observing a new disease in the midst of being born.
The disease I speak of is Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome–MERS for short. Last fall, doctors began recognizing this pneumonia-like disease in people who either lived in or passed through Saudi Arabia. Virologists soon isolated a virus common to them all, which they named MERS-CoV. Now, a year after its discovery, people are still getting infected with MERS, and many of the infected are dying. The World Health Institute reported on Friday that, from September 2012 to date, they’ve been notified of 130 people with laboratory-confirmed MERS-CoV infections, the vast majority of whom are in Saudi Arabia. Out of those 130 people, 58 have died.

3.  Sam Bosma's Fantasy Basketball is really good.  ($2 download.)

4.  After briefing selling out, the Hot Toys Batman and Robin TV show figures are once again available for preorder.

Art roundup

Hot Toys Iron Man exhibition.

The Rush by Aled Lewis up for vote at Threadless.

The Thing poster by Chris Garofalo. Via.

The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot enter the Matrix by Geof Darrow.

*Buy Big Guy and Rusty toys at Amazon.

Monday, September 23, 2013

If Jurassic Park featured Dr. Seuss's creations


To celebrate their 100 percent renovation as a dinosaur and natural history themed hotel, The Best Western Denver Southwest commissioned me to combine their love of dinosaurs with their love of Dr. Seuss. You can learn more about the Dino Hotel on their Facebook page.

Link roundup

1.  Kotaku:

Have you ever wanted to be locked in a hotel room? Or even trapped inside a murder scene? Well fear not: your odd, twisted fantasies have sort of been realised in Beijing's newest craze, the mystery room escape! 
Mystery room escapes in Beijing are akin to a smaller-sized fun houses. Basically it's a locked room mystery where players have to look for clues to get out of the room in a certain time limit.
2. NatGeo: Old Mursi woman, Suri Smile.

3.  No no no no.

Art roundup

Elysium concept art by Christian Pearce.

Vertigo and Re-Cycle posters by Rafal Topolski. Via.

Maze II by James Jean.

Brain Trumpet by Doktor A.

Snake creature and Batman by Medicom. (The Batman is available for preorder.)