Sunday, September 30, 2018

Doodles from Olivia Jaimes's talk at CXC

"Border agent to pay $220K for Tucson-area wildfire sparked at gender-reveal party"

Nearly 800 firefighters from various agencies battled the Sawmill Fire for about a week in April 2017, at a cost of about $8.2 million.

The wildfire began when [he] shot a target that contained Tannerite, an explosive substance designed to detonate when shot by a high-velocity firearm


The explosive target was part of a celebration of his wife’s pregnancy and contained colored powder to show the gender of their baby

"Cary Fukunaga Doesn't Mind Taking Notes from Netflix's Algorithm"

"Because Netflix is a data company, they know exactly how their viewers watch things," Fukunaga says. "So they can look at something you're writing and say, We know based on our data that if you do this, we will lose this many viewers. So it's a different kind of note-giving. It's not like, Let's discuss this and maybe I'm gonna win. The algorithm's argument is gonna win at the end of the day. So the question is do we want to make a creative decision at the risk of losing people."

Wargaming miniatures roundup

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Quantum reality masks

Pigeon of Doom; Gary Oldman was the coachman; Wait, it's a nesting doll?

Dog wants its medicine; Seal attacks kayaker with octopus; Tiny owl loves attention

"It appears Chip Kelly had his team do calisthenics in the middle of a game"

"That seems to be the UCLA football team, coached by former Innovative Wunderkind Genius Chip Kelly, sort of gallop skipping around in a circle in the middle of a football game."

Wargaming miniatures roundup

Chinese SUV Bestune T77 features and "Animated Holographic Waifu Personal Assistant"

"The new system is referred to as a 'holographic intelligent control system' according to Car News China, and features three animated characters that include a robot, a small boy and, uh, a school girl. There are five dressing options for each character, too."

And speaking of China:

Friday, September 28, 2018

"Why oil derricks are disguised as islands off the Long Beach coast"

To create the four islands, between 10 and 12 acres each, around 640 tons of boulders were transferred from Catalina Island, and 3.2 million cubic yards of sand were dredged from the ocean.

Soon more than 500 people were hard at work shaping man-made islands in the placid San Pedro Bay. The islands were ingeniously designed in a bowl shape, so that runoff would not contaminate the surrounding water.

Design choices in Gone Home

"Facebook is blocking users from posting some stories about its security breach"

Some users are reporting that they are unable to post today’s big story about a security breach affecting 50 million Facebook users. The issue appears to only affect particular stories from certain outlets, at this time one story from The Guardian and one from the Associated Press, both reputable press outlets.

"Insider Trading’s Odd Couple: The Goldman Banker and the NFL Linebacker"

His Harvard classmates picked him to speak during their 2013 commencement ceremonies. Onstage, a friend introduced him as a rags-to-riches leader and future banker—and a guy who didn’t warn everyone when his pet [] was loose in the dorms for two weeks. “Don’t forget about us when you’re crashing world economies,” the friend said.


The next day, students were handed their diplomas; [he] didn’t get his. Several women had accused him of misconduct, including having sex with a student who was incapacitated, according to a person who asked not to be named. [He] didn’t face charges and denied claims of misconduct in a phone interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. He says university systems that decide these cases disproportionately punish black students. A school spokeswoman says he never graduated and wouldn’t comment further.

That didn’t stop him from starting a dream job at Goldman Sachs

Magic Circle Charger

*Previously: Disney's augmented reality bench.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Nine funny tweets

Poem Pavilion; Final Fantasy or real Macau?; Museum of the Moon