Friday, May 31, 2013

Link roundup

1.  "Istanbul's busiest hub resembled a battlefield on Friday when Turkish riot police deployed tear gas and water cannon against thousands of protesters seeking to preserve a city centre park."  News article, tumblr.

2.  Uther Dhoul's possibility sword.

3.  Nightmare fuel (scroll down).

4.  "The Cincinnati Baseball Team Gives The Best Postgame Interviews."

5.  Tallie Silverman, Peer Counselor, a new animated short at Nick.

Link roundup

1.  Will Smith's name in the apparently terrible After Earth is Cypher Raige.

2.  Planetary Resources (founded by Peter Diamandis, the founder of the X-Prize) has a kickstarter to support a space telescope.  He was an excellent guest on a recent episode of Star Talk, focusing on asteroid mining.

3.  Playing Journey in real life.  (How much would a kickstarter to make Journey figurines raise?)

Link roundup

1.  So many cheap games to play: Telltale Games Humble Bundle, the well-reviewed iOS game, World War Z, and a version of skeeball you play with your computer and smartphone.

2.  The D11 conference featured a digital tattoo and "a pill from Proteus Digital Health that you can swallow and which is then powered by the acid in your stomach. Once ingested, it creates an 18-bit signal in your body — and thereby makes your entire person an 'authentication token.'"

3.  A few pages from Uncanny X-Men #205, one of the first (and best) comics I ever read.  Probably the only comic where I remember the actual title - - Wounded Wolf.

4.  "But on rainy nights, it is the domain of giant, fluorescent pink slugs - up to 20 centimetres long - and carnivorous, cannibal land snails that roam the mountaintop in search of their vegetarian victims."  Via.

Art roundup

"Commissar" by Nikolay Yeliseyev.

Evil clown leather mask by Ian Finch-Field.

Fin Fang Foom by Richard Sala.

Left 4 Dead demakes based on Kelly Reemtsen's art.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Slideshow of weird landscapes, including Australia's Lake Hillier. Via.

2.  Double Fine announced a kickstarter for a new game even though they're still working on their previous kickstarter-funded game.  Also, the lowest level of $20 gets you the game and nothing more.  Their last game is only $15 on Steam.

3.  Lots of Apple news: there's a new 16gig $229 ipod, and lots of new games including Phoenix Wright, Warhammer Quest, and KOTOR, one of the best games of alltime.

4.  Speaking of Star Wars, if for some reason you're dying for more versions of the same old Star Wars figures, you can now preorder the Star Wars Black 6" and 3.75" figures.  In better news, that really cool "Data Viper" figure I posted a while back is available for preorder.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Giveaway: THREE copies of Stephen King's Joyland

UPDATE: Shane, Ted, and Derek won and have been contacted.

As I wrote last week, I love Stephen King's latest novel, the pulp thriller Joyland.  It's a coming of age story set at an amusement park, sprinkled with enough monstrous horror, psychic powers, and heroic gunslingers to satisfy Dark Tower fans.  (It's also featured at Boing Boing today.)  $7 at Amazon.

I have three copies to give away.  For a chance to win, simply comment on this post and include your email for a chance to win.  USA residents only, and one entry per person.  I'll pick winners on Monday.

CONTEST ENDED: The Astronomer

Matt Rebholz has a kickstarter to fund the latest chapter in his ongoing comic The Astronomer. It features some great prints and tees as rewards.

As part of the promotion, he's also sending a comics and t-shirt price pack to one Super Punch reader.  First commenter to include their email wins, USA residents only please.

Art roundup

Gemini by Emerson Tung.

Terror Boys by Brandt Peters and FERG on sale as described here.

Ghosts n' Goblins fan art by Steve Courtney.

Upcoming Dead Astronaut Gangsta by threea.

Slipknot album cover by SixMoreVodka.

*Buy toys by Brandt Peters at ebay.

CONTEST ENDED: Margaret Atwood's The Heart Goes Last

Byliner's latest is The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood, the latest in her ongoing science fiction dystopian series:

The internationally bestselling diva of dystopias is back with a new installment of "Positron," her darkly comic Byliner Serial about life in a Big Brother America of the near future. 
In the seemingly well-adjusted world of Consilience, it's dawning on the residents that they've thrown away the keys to more than their ragged former lives outside the high walls of their gated community. When they volunteered for this new social experiment, they also gave away the keys to their destinies, even their hearts. 
Ask Charmaine and she'll tell you her husband is a dead man. Sure, marriage can be murder, but when Charmaine plunged a deadly hypodermic needle into Stan, because it was part of her job—dispatching undesirables in Positron Prison—Stan survived. His former jailer, a libidinous security chief named Jocelyn, had switched out the death drugs for knockout drugs and drafted him into a plot to undo the increasingly sinister social scheme. In so doing, she promoted him from her sexual plaything to full-blown subversive. The underground is housed in a manufacturing plant of one of Consilience's most successful products: sexbots, made to order. 
Love, however, is not made to order, and despite a Darwinian labyrinth of betrayal after betrayal, including wild extramarital encounters and, yes, murder, Stan can't stop thinking about Charmaine. Not only because someone has requested a sexbot replica of her but because, well, she's home in a world without homes. In "The Heart Goes Last," one of Atwood's darkest and most deviously entertaining inventions yet, the human heart proves more resilient and true than any mail-order machine.
You can download it at Amazon and the usual eshops.

I also have one download  to give away.  First commenter to include their email wins.

We have a winner, more giveaways at 1 and 2.

Link roundup

1.  Tremendous collection of bizarre animals.

2.  Follow up: that ill-conceived Bill Willingham/Frank Cho kickstarter failed.

3.  Just a heads up, I'll be doing giveaways at in a few minutes, and at 1, and 2 today.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Art roundup

Sculpture by Sandra Arteaga on sale at Etsy.

Archangel custom Madl by Ryan McClure.

Marceline and Princess Bubblegum custom Dunnys made as a commission by Jared Cain.

From this collection of 2013 Cannes movie posters.

Good gif.

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Link roundup

1.  Disturbing feather-legged centipede.  Also, a subterranean blind lizard that looks like a giant worm.

2.  "Watch As City Changes Parking Signs Then Issues Tickets To Cars That Had Been Parked Legally."

3.  Last week, ten car bombs exploded in Baghdad in one day.

4.  Wisdom from Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings:

I subscribe to Groupon because it's good to know which nearby restaurants have mediocre food & will probably be out of business soon.
5.  threeA's Portal robots available for preorder.  (Much cheaper and available is the Death of the Endless figure.)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Andrew MacLean's Head Lopper

Sample pages from Andrew MacLean's Head Lopper.  The pinup is by Toby Cypress, as are these:

Art roundup

Gallery of workplace safety posters.

Helen Rusovich.

Multiple Warheads cover by Brandon Graham.

Quiz Scramble Special circa 1992.  Via.

Guardians of the Galaxy by Kris Anka.

Carl, Russell, and Merida Funko figures available for preorder.

Link roundup

1.  Jeremy Renner used to be a makeup artist.

2.  "Anthony Weiner's NYC Mayoral Web Site Uses the Pittsburgh Skyline."

3.  "Pentagram Bikini." Via.

4.  Ghastly images of parasite-infested ant.  Via.

Custom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures

Rick Dries customized these TMNT figures to mimic the styles of various artists, including Michael Dialynas's.

*Buy TMNT toys at eBay.