Thursday, May 23, 2019

Chibi fu dog


"Some of the most convincing email phishing and malware attacks come disguised as nastygrams from a law firm"

Brian Krebs:

Such scams typically notify the recipient that he/she is being sued, and instruct them to review the attached file and respond within a few days — or else. Here’s a look at a recent spam campaign that peppered more than 100,000 business email addresses with fake legal threats harboring malware.

Puzzle box (and how to make your own)

*Previously: Cremation puzzle box.

"The WNBA’s male practice squads lose to women all the time — and enjoy it"


The laid-back atmosphere belies just how surprising the scene might be to anyone who hasn’t played basketball at a high level: a gym of men competing for the opportunity to be beaten by WNBA players, for free. Registration for the tryout cost $20, and came with lunch and a ticket voucher. If they make the squad, they get a pair of shoes.

“I’d rather be here playing against the girls than out on a court at a park or something,” explains Wes Murphy, a 28-year-old native of nearby Norwich who’s been on the squad since he was in college. “They know the game of basketball better — so many guys just get up and down the floor, throw shots up and have no idea what they’re doing.”


In 2007, the NCAA nearly forbade women’s teams from creating male practice squads on the grounds that they took away opportunities for women athletes. But ultimately the coaches and players won out, believing that the best way to try to close basketball’s gender gap is, in a sense, to ignore it.
First female coach in Bucks organization making the most of "surreal" opportunity

“Don’t throw up on the court. Giannis is right there. That would not look good.”

That was all Sidney Dobner could think as she stood on a Bucks practice court, working out players, including the Bucks’ all-world forward Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Less than a week prior, the Newbury Park, Cal., native had seven ulcers removed from her stomach. But Dobner wasn’t about to let that get in the way of her once-in-a-lifetime job interview.

The complete 12-issue Mister Miracle series is $5.99 right now

By Tom King and Mitch Gerads, 320 pages.

New Tron figures with Recognizer build-a-vehicle

Sark, Tron, Flynn (16 points of articulation) with Recognizer pieces.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

"Steelers CB Cameron Sutton brings fear to [practice] with horror-themed visor"

Obviously, you have to have some swag out there on the field,” Sutton said. “You look good, feel good, play good.”

The “Friday the 13th” series isn’t Sutton’s favorite fright-filled entertainment, but it happened to be the visor he came across online and purchased in the offseason.

Sutton also has seen each movie in the “Halloween” film series and grew up enjoying film adaptations of Stephen King’s books and said he can watch a grisly movie “any day, any night.”

But regarding the visor as a kind of fashion statement, Sutton said he isn’t the type of person to just buy it “for the looks or anything,” something disputed by his new secondary teammate, cornerback Steven Nelson.

Amazon has a new storefront dedicated to The Expanse

Clothing, accessories, art book.

*Previously: 3D-printed Rocinante and Razorback.

"Hong Kong at centre of banned China gender test"; inflatable tank commemorating the Tiananmen Square massacre


Shady middle-men are openly advertising on Chinese social media to smuggle blood samples of pregnant women to Hong Kong to skirt the mainland's ban on gender testing, an AFP investigation has found.

The business thrives on a well-organised underground network that serves the huge demand for illicit sex-selective abortion in mainland China –- driven by limits on family size and an entrenched cultural preference for sons.


In February, a 12-year-old girl headed to Hong Kong was caught at the Shenzhen border carrying 142 vials of blood samples from pregnant women in her backpack.
And speaking of China:

"Inside The Lost Jehovah's Witnesses Tunnels Under Brooklyn Heights"


When the Jehovah's Witnesses moved out of Brooklyn Heights over the past few years, cashing in on their now-valuable properties and moving upstate, they left behind a collection of buildings that had been their headquarters for over a century.


Out of sight of most New Yorkers, though, was the development underground: a series of tunnels that ran beneath the streets to connect a number of the JW properties.


housed offices, a grocery store, laundromats, and other services.
And more New York underground:
Someone—no one really knows who—has been disrupting the train system, sneaking into cabs, pulling the emergency brakes, and grinding not just one train, but entire lines in the system to a halt during the busiest hours of the day.

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"How a 7-Foot-3 Serbian Basketball Player Got Cast in John Wick 3"


Stahelski stumbled into the public library to avoid the weather and suddenly had an epiphany. “The way I shoot [action] choreography is to subvert the normal,” the director says. “I thought, Let’s make it so difficult that it’s hard to [fight]. How do you do that? Supertight space. And let’s get the biggest guy we can find.” That supertight space became the library.


“He’s got the biggest hands in the NBA, so that’s why you see all these face grabs.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

"Let’s focus on the Cisco Router bug, a.k.a. Thrangrycat a.k.a. 😾😾😾 . (Yep, the bug’s name is three angry cat emojis.)"

Charlie Warzel and Sarah Jeong:

Cisco makes a ton of the hardware that connects the world. If you access the internet, chances are that you pass through a Cisco router in some way, shape or form. And most of those devices, 150 or so different varieties of routers, have been compromised. And it’s not just something that a software update or patch can fix in a jiffy. This is structural.


Thrangrycat is very, very, very bad. I’d rate it as Less Bad than the Intel disaster (which is very catchily named ZombieLoad) and More Bad than the WhatsApp hack.

Thrangrycat is awful for two reasons. First, if a hacker exploits this weakness, they can do whatever they want to your routers. Second, the attack can happen remotely — it’s a software vulnerability. But the fix can only be applied at the hardware level. Like, physical router by physical router. In person.

"It's been nearly two weeks since the City of Baltimore's networks were shut down in response to a ransomware attack, and there's still no end in sight"


the city's water billing and other payment systems remain offline, as well as most of the city's email and much of the government's phone systems.


To top it off, unlike the City of Atlanta—which suffered from a Samsam ransomware attack in March of 2018—Baltimore has no insurance to cover the cost of a cyber attack. So the cost of cleaning up the RobbinHood ransomware, which will far exceed the approximately $70,000 the ransomware operators demanded, will be borne entirely by Baltimore's citizens.

"Airbnb teams up with 23andMe to recommend heritage travel destinations"


global hospitality marketplace and service company Airbnb today announced that it is teaming up with 23andMe, the biotech firm perhaps best known for its personalized genomics reports about family history and health, to incorporate heritage travel recommendations into their respective user experiences. Specifically, 23andMe customers will soon be able to click through to their ancestral populations to find Airbnb Homes and Experiences located in their ancestral countries, and Airbnb now has dedicated pages that correspond with 23andMe’s genetic populations in Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and West Asia, Central America and Mexico, South America, East and South Asia, and the Caribbean and Europe.

"Savannah judge holds tour-guide license unconstitutional"

Institute for Justice:

For years, Savannah had made it illegal to tell stories to tour groups without first obtaining a special license from the government. Tour guides who wanted this storytelling license had to pass a hundred-question multiple choice exam on Savannah history—even if they had no interest in discussing history on their tours. For instance, some tour guides focus on art and architecture or tell ghost stories. In 2015, in an effort to end the guides’ lawsuit, the city repealed the licensing requirement, but the plaintiffs pressed forward in search of a constitutional ruling. Today, they got it.

Hotel lobby pillar cosplay

The explanation for why He-Man rides a giant tiger is very funny

*Previously: Masters of the Universe figures based on each major league baseball team.

Disney Emoji Blitz is a fun free match-three game where you earn emojis by playing

Just a pleasant match-three iOS game with tons of missions. Easy to earn new emojis for imessage without paying.

Warhammer mirror painted to look like it houses a trapped spirit

*Previously: Warhammer portal and mirror.

New Funko Mystery Minis based on advertising mascots and Universal monsters

Twinkie the Kid, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and more. (Too bad the designs aren't based on Universal's Dark Universe designs.)

"Having two dogs at once is way harder than having one dog twice"

Drew Millard:

Most millennials exist in a liminal space between adolescence and “adulthood” as previous generations understand it. They’ve aged out of partying as hard as they did in their early 20s, but since they’re largely behind schedule when it comes to things like having and rearing children, they’ve got a relatively high amount of free time that’s offset by a relatively low risk tolerance that keeps them from doing the dumb, reckless stuff that teens and college students do, especially if they’re uninsured.

This, I am willing to theorize, has led to a class of ostensibly adult humans who drink craft beer outside during the day, smoke legal weed and/or take light amounts of psychedelics while talking about books with their friends, are really into home decor, and are more than willing to funnel dozens of hours into watching good-ish TV shows exclusively airing on one of the five streaming services on which they use their parents’ or ex-significant others’ login. I don’t really have any evidence to back all of this up, but Game of Thrones is popular for a reason, and it’s not because it’s good.

Anyways, the other big side effect of this socioeconomic holding pattern is that everybody gets a dog.

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Monday, May 20, 2019

Excellent Game of Thrones theory that would fit in with the reports of the magical horror Euron plot planned for the books

Also correct:


Nike's French Open looks feature bees and skeletons

Ten funny tweets (sound on for the elegant woman in the fur)

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The newly-revealed DC Collectibles are available for preorder

Including a Batman statue based on Rafael Grampa's design, and a TV Batwoman statue.

When your robot announces its own impending doom (technology fails)

"With Second-Worst Pass Rate In More Than 30 Years, Almost Everyone Fails California Bar Exam"


According to a press release from the State Bar of California, the overall pass rate for the February 2019 exam was 31.4 percent, while the pass rate for first-time takers was 41 percent.


This isn’t half bad considering the February 2018 results were a record low.

"Bonobo Mothers Are Very Concerned About Their Sons’ Sex Lives"

Ed Yong:

But mothers frequently took matters into their own hands, too. As Hanna did, they would stop unrelated males from interfering with their sons’ sexual encounters. They’d interfere themselves, stopping unrelated males from mating with other females. They’d gang up with their sons to evict other males from trees with lots of females.

Surbeck thinks that the mothers use these strategies as a way of furthering their own genetic legacy. They can do this by having more children of their own, or by ensuring that their children give them more grandchildren. They have little influence over their daughters, since bonobo females tend to leave home to find their own communities. Males, however, stay with their birth group, and especially near their mothers. Even in the best-case scenario, a male bonobo can easily go through life without reproducing, and without a mother's presence, the odds of his having a kid are around one in 14. To increase the size of her own dynasty, a mother needs to ensure that her sons have the best sexual opportunities.

The Game of Thrones ending they didn't have the guts to film (roundup)

Sunday, May 19, 2019

80th Anniversary Marvel Legends Hulk Vs. Wolverine Two-Pack available for preorder

Both figures come with alternate hands.

Dune hardcover where the page numbers form a seismograph readout on the fore edge

*Previously: Denis Villeneuve has shown us his take on Dune for years now, you just don't know it yet

Comic book logos

Warhammer miniature with convincingly painted portal and mirror

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The two best possible endings for Game of Thrones

The Mandalorian custom toys (Star Wars roundup)