Monday, August 31, 2020

"Nestlรฉ is shelling out an estimated $2.6 billion to buy a biopharmaceutical company best known for its peanut-allergy treatment"

"Aimmune Therapeutics' Palforzia is the first and only Food and Drug Administration-approved 'treatment to help reduce the frequency and severity of allergic reaction to peanuts, including anaphylaxis, in children aged 4 through 17.'"

Excellent podcast about a company exploiting the Airbnb platform and trying to dodge city guidelines on short-term rentals

Second part in a series by The Information.

Advice to win in Monopoly is appropriately grim

From a longer post:
The most valuable properties are the oranges and reds because that's where most people land after getting out of jail - the most common spot to be on in the game. Do pretty much anything you can to get a full set of orange or red.

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Fuzzy cheetah pelt-covered Xbox; Custom Wii the size of a GameBoy Color; Playing VR games is better when you have someone in the real world protecting you

Sunday, August 30, 2020

"Reported" shooting near pro-Trump rally in Woodland Hills, California

Sounds like could be paranoia or intentional falsehood:
A large caravan of cars in a pro-Trump rally was lined up on Ventura Boulevard when a woman who was not participating in the rally, driving past the rally, heard what sounded like gunshots and immediately noticed her tire was flat, the LAPD said.
From a thread:

"Herbalife to pay $123 million to settle China bribery charges"

"By engaging in a decade-long scheme to falsify its books and records to conceal corrupt and other improper expenditures, Herbalife misrepresented the information available to investors," Brian Rabbitt, acting assistant attorney general for the US Department of Justice's criminal division, said in a press release Friday.

This isn't the first controversy Herbalife has been involved in.

In 2016, the company paid the US Federal Trade Commission $200 million to settle claims that consumers looking to sell Herbalife's products had lost money.

In late 2012, hedge fund manager Bill Ackman accused Herbalife of being a pyramid scheme because of its multilevel marketing strategy, and famously made a failed $1 billion short bet against the company. The FTC later determined as part of the settlement that Herbalife is not a pyramid scheme.

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Gideon the Ninth fan art; Buildings that stare back; The New Mutants crew spelled his name wrong

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Forget the Turnover Chain, here's the Turnover Top Hat and Staff

Austin Peay is the "Governors."

Illustrated guide to far-right paramilitaries; When CNN asked, "Obama as witch doctor: Racist or satirical?"; The National Hurricane Center nailed the prediction

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The best wargaming miniatures of the week

Friday, August 28, 2020

A mysterious drone strike on marching cadets was caught on film

You can follow the investigation in the thread below, which starts with video of a missile strike so instantaneous that the initial claim was the attack came from within the base itself:

Or watch this 18-minute video about the investigation, which calls Libya the largest drone war theater in the world:

Notre Dame ramping up security to keep students in their rooms; Neiman Marcus has a strange vision of the new normal; Gap sold $130 million worth of masks

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

The rescue of Larry the orphaned baby squirrel

Twitter account dedicated to martial arts movie highlights

The no layoff pledge was then, this is now; Union rights or Amazon's "tone-monitoring" wristband?; Jose Andres's team is in Texas and Louisiana

Orange Cassidy custom moves for Fire Pro Wrestling, including "Apathy Rush" and "Super Pockets Taunt"

From earlier this year, a terrific Orange Cassidy vs. Shawn Spears match in front of a tiny but very enthusiastic crowd:

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Modern Beowulf translation starts with "Bro"; Nightmare popsicles; Peak character design

(Amazon listing.)

G.I. Joe box art or genuine concept art from a 90's British Aerospace company?

From a longer thread:

An old forum discussion about the designs.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The wild story about Scots Wikipedia is basically exactly what Facebook was doing in Myanmar

Most of Scottish Wikipedia Written By American in Mangled English

Scots is an official language of Scotland. An administrator of the Scots Wikipedia page is an American who doesn't speak Scots but simply tries to write in a Scottish accent.
Reuters from 2018:
For years, Facebook – which reported net income of $15.9 billion in 2017 – devoted scant resources to combat hate speech in Myanmar, a market it dominates and in which there have been regular outbreaks of ethnic violence. In early 2015, there were only two people at Facebook who could speak Burmese reviewing problematic posts. Before that, most of the people reviewing Burmese content spoke English.

Survivor families are unhappy is making public Holocaust records; 2020 slogan = "the only way off the island is underwater 4 hours early so I am trapped"; The Wirecutter has pivoted to recommending scraps in your home

Bread version of the monstrous Osaka Expo mascot


The Weather Channel brought back their 3D visualization of storm surge heights

"Clippers' Marcus Morris denies that step on Luka Doncic's sprained ankle was intentional"

"I have my own thoughts," said Doncic