Friday, August 30, 2013

Psychonauts figurines by Double Fine

Just-revealed Psychonauts figurines.

Cakenweenie: Celebrating Tim Burton with cakes by 100 artists

Cakenweenie: 100 artists were asked to create cakes in honor of Tim Burton's 55th birthday.  Above are cakes by Sideserf Cake Studio, Nancy's Cakes, Cakes by Doreen, and Highland Cakes.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Super 7 Alien ReAction Figures available for preorder

Super 7 Alien ReAction Figures available for preorder.

Link roundup

1. Gawker:

Did Cory Booker Make Up a Newark Drug Dealer?
2. Gothamist:
Anthony Weiner Reportedly Paid Actors To Pose As Supporters
3. Deadspin:
How An ESPNer Found Out The "Battle Of The Sexes" Was Probably Fixed

Expertly painted Doom miniatures

Bethesda announced earlier this week that they were reissuing Doom miniatures.  Coincidentally, Jay Adan just posted these miniatures that he painted on commission.

Link roundup

1.  Forbes 8/26/13:

2013 Houston Astros: Baseball's Worst Team Is The Most Profitable In History
Forbes 8/29/13:
Erroneous Story Claiming Houston Astros Most-Profitable Ever A Massive Strikeout
2.  Weird, compelling comic about a breakup.

3.  New novella by Cory Doctorow at Tor.

Finally, a book collecting Mondo posters

The no-brainer purchase of the day is Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground, a 208-page hardcover book collecting movie posters commissioned by Mondo, Spoke Art, and much more. Among the 200 posters in the collection, I saw many of my favorite posters from the last 10 years, as well as a surprising number of terrific posters I'd never seen before.

Preorder for $24 (30% the cover price) at Amazon.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Guardian:

Police 'super recognisers' to keep watch over Notting Hill carnival
Specialist officers have been selected for their ability to remember hundreds of offenders' faces
2.  Kotaku reviews the Bioshock Infinite board game, in which "you split into teams controlling either Comstock's founders or the Vox Populi rebellion as both sides wrestle for control of the board's districts":
Which is horrible/awesome, but nothing compared to the horror of Booker and Elizabeth. 
You know what? Scratch what I said earlier. The Siege of Columbia's crowning achievement is that it makes you hate these terrifying vandals just as much as every NPC in the video game. Not controlled by any player, this pair traverse the board instead according to the steps of a randomly selected timeline sheet. More importantly, Booker will randomly aggro and do his best to flatline everything where he stands, and as you might expect, you do not fuck with Booker. Exactly like the Sky-Line, these fights are hilarious when they happen to your friends, but are, of course, absolute bullshit when they happen to you.
The game is 20% off at Amazon.

3.  New 19 minute demo for Wasteland 2.

BT & Fractal - Letting Go

BT and Fractal - Letting Go.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Link roundup

1. "The piece captures antlion hunting strategy perfectly. The sand pit by itself is only a partial trap; most insects can climb out on their own. But not with the predator churning sand and hurling debris."

2.  "On Wednesday 21 August, Oxford Playhouse was happy to host an evening with Neil Gaiman and Philip Pullman." Download the audio for free.

3. Wired looks at Welcome to Night Vale, "an independently produced podcast that shot to the #1 spot on iTunes last month, past the likes of Radiolab and This American Life, a weird-fiction serial framed as a radio news show from a small desert town where, in the words of writer Joseph Fink, 'every conspiracy you’ve heard of is true.'" (Relatedly, a fan made map of Night Vale.) Via.

4. Big end of summer sale at the BBTS, including some good deals on Marvel Legends.

Art roundup

Elysium concept art by Christian Pearce.

1/12 scale Iron Man 2 drone figures by PlayImaginative available at STGCC.

Kate Beaton's cover for The Best American Comics 2013.

A few gems from the 16-card 1996 Pinnacle Baseball Christie Brinkley Collection, available at Amazon.

The Disney Infinity Elsa figurine.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Link roundup

1. How to preload Youtube videos.

2.  Worst (best) baseball card of all time.  (Available for less than $1 at Amazon).

3.  Nightmarish wallpaper.

4. The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2012 and other Best American 2012 collections are on sale for 99 cents each at Amazon.

Art roundup

Blind giant eyeball riders by Andrew Bell.

Pixel art by Vic Nguyen, who designed the new Super Time Force tee.

Funko Fionna available for preorder at the BBTS and Entertainment Earth.

Tokens illustrated by MS Corley for a role-playing kickstarter.

Comment and win plastic snowboarders

These just released plastic snowboarders are now available at $6 for a pack of 24, featuring eight different poses. (There's also two series of plastic skateboarders available).

I have two packs to give away. For a chance to win one, simply comment on this post and include your email so I can contact you if you win. One comment per person, USA residents only, please. I'll pick two winners later today.  Winners have been contacted.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Art from Scott C.'s new dog-themed book

The brand new show at Gallery Nucleus features art from Scott C.'s upcoming book If Dogs Run Free, available for preorder at Amazon.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Art roundup

Art by Keiko Murayama, Natalie Hall, and Tony Siruno for an ocean-themed show at QPop.

Book covers by gray318. Via.

Homemade Minecraft toys.

Hellcat by Axel Medellin.

Cat in a shark suit riding a roomba and chasing a duck by Iain Heath.