Monday, August 31, 2015

Screens from Lara Croft Go

Art roundup

Bryan Hitch drew a few issues of Transformers.

Prints by Mike Mitchell.

Red Sonja by Becky Cloonan.

Kamala Khan commission by George Kambadais.

Official video for Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Pancake Prince

By Vaughn Pinpin.

Furiosa's War Rig

By Bruce (who is working on the tanker).

Marceline Dr. Martens

"Take a signature 8-eye shape with marceline print and contrast black fur lining on the tongue. Add a zip down the inside to make them easy to get on and off, and you've just made yourself an instant classic."

Art roundup

Knights of Sidonia by Tsutomu Nihei via.

Jupiter Ascending: Kalique by Michael Kutsche.

Judge Dredd #1 cover by Paul Hanley.

Prints by Jon Klassen.

Highlights from the VMAs

The giant and everyone else from Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Tori Kelly's Giger-esque gold suit.

The astronaut dancers from Nick Jonas's Levels performance.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

"What if Stephen Hawking's voice box is actually the first A.I., using its robot brain to theorize on the universe and he's just riding along, as tripped out as the rest of us but unable to show it?"

"And the voice box is recommending that we don't create AI because it fears another AI would instantly recognize the voice box as AI and out it." Via.

Uber riders in Seattle had a chance to get a ride in a Mad Max-inspired car

Panther enthusiastically teething on a human hand.

Mortal Kombat X

New at Dead End Thrills.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

"Survival Suit Batman"

Coming next year.

Star Wars: The Card Game - Arden Lyn

Jake Murray:
Card art for the "Jump To Lightspeed" set of Fantasy Flight Games' "Star Wars: The Card Game." This character was first introduced in the Masters of Teras Kasi Playstation game, and is notorious for having a pretty impractical costume. So I really had a blast getting the opportunity to redesign her into something that I think is more reflective of her actual personality and fighting style.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

"a painstaking yearslong effort to reproduce 100 studies published in three leading psychology journals has found that more than half of the findings did not hold up when retested"

“I think we knew or suspected that the literature had problems, but to see it so clearly, on such a large scale — it’s unprecedented,”
See also: Wikipedia's summary of glaring flaws in the famed Stanford Prison Experiment.

Lego Wasp

By Tim Lydy.

Link roundup

1. "Two top executives at Dole are on the hook for $148 million after a judge ruled that CEO and chairman of the board David H. Murdock, and the company’s former chief operating officer, C. Michael Carter fraudulently drove down their company’s stock price so they could shortchange shareholders and buy the business on the cheap."

2. "Welcome to your dystopian future. Reports from yesterday say that a US drone strike in Syria has killed a British-born computer hacker who had joined ISIS and was involved in that group's online activities"

3. A prestigious Los Angeles private high school had to drop its JV football team for lack of interested players:
“I think this is a bubble,” [the school's Athletic Director] said. “We feel this is a temporary situation.”
4. Grand Theft Auto 5 mod puts a Mass Effect Reaper over the skies of Los Santos.

New Batgirl and Seth Rollins challenges on the Injustice and Immortals iOS games

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Indoor Kids with Max Landis

Aside from describing his pitch for The Fantastic Four movie, in this podcast, Max Landis explains that Twitter is a perfect tool for super villains.

"Greenpoint's Growing Taxi Graveyard"

Uber's impact on taxi drivers in New York:
As the number of drivers continues to dwindle, between 80 and 120 cabs sit empty on any given shift. Yossri recalls one day recently when there were only enough drivers to send out 24 cabs, and 147 of them sat empty.
When he can, Kiouvas moves the cabs directly from one spot to another while still abiding by alternate side parking rules. More often, he parks them in the dispatcher's crowded lot temporarily. When street cleaning ends at 1:00 p.m. dispatchers, mechanics, and body men pitch in to help Kiouvas get all of the cabs back onto the street—quickly, before neighbors' cars fill in.

Boston Comic Con sculpture commissions by Jesse Farrell

Jesse Farrell:
Here are my 2015 Boston Comic Con commissions! People made requests and I did my best to sculpt them on the fly. I got a great bunch of requests this year.

Black Manta
Raptor with comic books
She-Hulk 1
Captain America
Sailor V
She-Hulk 2

Getting hired by Google by stumbling onto an ARG

One morning, while working on a project, I Googled “python lambda function list comprehension.” The familiar blue links appeared, and I started to look for the most relevant one.

But then something unusual happened.

The search results split and folded back to reveal a box that said “You’re speaking our language. Up for a challenge?”

I stared at the screen. What? After a moment, I decided yes, I was most definitely up for a challenge.
Over the next two weeks, I solved five more problems.

The Book of Nightmares (in Lego)

By 6kyubi6.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Link roundup

1. "Masked Men Armed With Assault Rifles Rob Rolex Store in Century City, Get Away"

2. CA:
During the panel Walker, a black man, mentioned something about the character that I had never considered; [DC Comics hero] Cyborg is an emasculated black man. In his New 52 origin story, he lost the entire bottom half of his body, which means that before becoming Cyborg, he was castrated.
3. TA on Uber slowly replacing mass transit:
For instance, in the case of Obamacare, the interests of the poor, who need universal healthcare, have become aligned with the rich, whose companies have, in recent years, increasingly relied on independent contractors or part-time labor rather than full-time employees to reduce costs and increase profits; Obamacare has effectively accelerated the erosion of the concept of full-time employment in its fulfillment of one of the the former social obligations of employers. Put another way, why hire an employee and pay for their healthcare and social security when you can hire an independent contractor and let the worker and the government split the cost?
4. "'Aloha': Reliving This Decade’s Worst Movie Catastrophe"
It is not socially acceptable for a grown man to watch a twelve-year-old girl in her dance class for an extended period of time, through glass, from the street.

New book collects Andrew DeGraff's literary maps

Plotted: A Literary Atlas:
This incredibly wide-ranging collection of maps—all inspired by literary classics—offers readers a new way of looking at their favorite fictional worlds. Andrew DeGraff’s stunningly detailed artwork takes readers deep into the landscapes from The Odyssey, Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice, Invisible Man, A Wrinkle in Time, Watership Down, A Christmas Carol, and more. Sure to reignite a love for old favorites and spark fresh interest in more recent works as well, Plotted provides a unique new way of appreciating the lands of the human imagination.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

"'Paparazzi Proof' Penthouse in Los Angeles is Listing for $50 Million"

The developer declined to identify buyers, but said there has been a lot of interest from Hong Kong and Singapore. The project will break ground in October and wrap up in late 2017.

"The Day Someone Signed Me Up For An Ashley Madison Account (That Day Would Be Yesterday)"

Yesterday afternoon, I got a message telling me "Welcome to Day 1 of your Ashley Madison Experience." Someone using my email signed me up, using the rather creative account name "masnicator." I'm kinda surprised that Ashley Madison is still even allowing online signups (let alone not using an email verification system, or for that matter even keeping the site up at all). But, perhaps even more ridiculous is that in the "welcome" email, it highlights how the service is "100% Secure."

Perhaps even more amusing is that just three minutes after this fake registration, I also got a fake message from someone.

“Losers Welcome. Winners Will Be Mocked. No Assholes!”

George Martin threw a party to celebrate Hugo award losers:
Optimistic enough, in fact, to throw a Hugo Losers Party—a tradition he’d started back in 1976, but then let fall into other hands. Martin printed up invites—“Losers Welcome. Winners Will Be Mocked. No Assholes!”—hired a band, and rented a 12,000-square-foot historic mansion. Winners who showed up—including Kevin Liu, the translator of the Cixin Liu’s Best Novel-winning The Three-Body Problem—had to don rubber coneheads. Losers got magic markers to write on the cones.

"Goodwill goes upscale with new boutiques"

The Orange County group has opened four high-end stores in the last two years and has plans for more, especially in the southern part of the county, where rents tend to be higher and residents wealthier.
The goal is to take advantage of luxury donations and get a leg up on the competition

"Food has replaced music at the heart of the cultural conversation"

I wonder if it’s because food and dining still offer true scarcity whereas music is so freely available everywhere that it’s become a poor signaling mechanism for status and taste. If you’ve eaten at Noma, you’ve had an experience a very tiny fraction of the world will be lucky enough to experience, whereas if you name any musical artist, I can likely find their music and be listening to it within a few mouse clicks.

Art roundup

Game of Throne hypothesizing by Ertaç Altınöz.

Mike Henderson.

Cloak and Dagger by Frazier Irving.

Jun by Ian MacDonald.

Nazgul by Eric Meister.

Rebekka Dunlap for the New Yorker.

Tom Fowler.

Logan Faerber.


Des Taylor.