Saturday, April 10, 2021

An ominous sight at Wrestlemania

Trinity Rodman, youngest player ever to be drafted in the NWSL, scored in her first game

"No one asks about my mom because she’s not an NBA star, but I want people to know that my mom’s been my support system in everything in life, she's my rock."

Drama at the "Mrs. Sri Lanka World" event when the 2020 winner yanked the crown from the 2021 winner's head, claiming she was actually divorced and thus ineligible

The 2020 winner and the woman who aided her (and then raised a triumphant fist) have been arrested.

Blooper reel from season five of The Expanse; cast members do impressions of Shohreh Aghdashloo's voice

(Season five is terrific and filled with remarkable moments. Skip season four.)

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Portly Kong and Godzilla figurines

Available for preorder.

I like it when the Weather Channel gets really esoteric

This week's best Warhammer40k miniatures and other hobby creations

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Friday, April 9, 2021

Just-revealed Marvel Legends and other new toys available for preorder

Snake Eyes movie figures including the new Baroness, Marvel Legends series with build-a-figure giant bear, interactive Eye of Agamotto,  Power Rangers and G.I. Joe by Super 7, the Autobots' Ark, and the untrustworthy droid bounty hunter Zero from The Mandalorian:

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Stranger Things-inspired WNBA jersey; Plush monsters; Monster Hunter onesie

Thursday, April 8, 2021

"A ‘deepfake’ of a vaping teen is at the center of a harassment case—but what if it’s not faked?"

The Daily Dot followed up on the viral story from last month, and interviewed a bunch of experts that opined the video looked legit (or was produced by a master).

They released the Zemo cut

New HumbleBundle is a whole bunch of manga for $1

Including That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime and Tokyo Revengers.

There are also some fun related toys at the BBTS:

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This is a fun short story featuring a Murderbot-like protagonist

"The Machine is Experiencing Uncertainty" by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor.

Gun kata; Dining table looks like the Tomichi Creek; A short story about first contact

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

After the Six-Day War, container ships in the Suez Canal were trapped for years


As the crisis wore on, the Canadian government negotiated the exchange of crews from the ships. Supplies came in from Egypt, some sailors went home and others stayed on, but Egypt would not allow the ships to leave the canal.

Over the next eight years, a weird system developed. 


ships were stranded in the Great Bitter Lake, a salt lake connected to the canal. Unable to leave, the crews, dubbed the "Yellow Fleet" because of the desert sand that eventually covered them, developed their own society at sea. This society developed its own postal service and stamps, and held a version of the Olympics in 1968. 

This woman interviewed the person who was stealing photos of her feet and posting them to a site called Wikifeet


To be clear, I am not a celebrity. I have decent Twitter following from having reported on politics for over a decade, from tweeting jokes about politics and appearing on cable news sometimes. But I was pretty shocked to be looking at my own wikiFeet profile, which included my full name, birthday, and photos of me and my exposed feet, dating back to a family vacation in 2013. The images seemed to have been lifted from my Instagram page, which I keep public because I share my work and media appearances there sometimes. My feet had a very sad 3.5 out of 5 stars rating, which categorized them as “okay.”


my investigative journalist instincts kicked in. I figured I could triangulate the person’s identity by refreshing wikiFeet over and over after posting a barefoot photo, and then checking my list of story viewers as soon as it showed up. This narrowed the list of suspects down significantly, but not quite enough to be conclusive. I decided to try a direct approach: I posted a story that said, “If you are the person posting my foot content please DM me! No shade, I just have questions.”

In more lighthearted news, Matthew Dessem interviewed the guy that yells "Mortal Kombat". He knew nothing about the game at the time:

Yeah, we did it in the downtown Wall Street area. We went down there and started getting directions from this guy. And he started placing us in groups and saying, “When I yell ‘Three, two, one,’ you run and you scream and come around the corner.” And then I think at one point there were several people that were pulled out to be in the principal group. I was one of those guys, and the guy said, “Hey, man, when you come around this deal here, everybody’s just going to kind of circle around you, and you yell from the top of your lungs, ‘Mortal Kombat!’ ” And I did that several times. I don’t know how many times we heard “Back to one. Back to one,” which means go back to position one for the resets. And he says, “Hey, come here, come here. I want to ask you a question.” And I’m thinking at that time, like, Oh, yeah, he’s taking an interest in me. He’s probably going to put me on camera. I’m going to get a little bit of face time here. And he says, “I want you to just yell that with all of your might, like you are summoning the darkest demons in your body.”

Fraiser-themed edition of Final Fantasy

By Stephen Maurrice Graham who has also designed other Gameboy game packages:

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Toy set based on 1941 cartoon Superman and The Mechanical Monsters features a quick change phone booth

Available for preorder:

Superman figure
2 Pairs of interchangeable arms
Clark Kent figure
Lois Lane figure
Steno pad
Mechanical Monster Number 5 figure
2 Pairs of interchangeable arms
Propeller  attachment
2 Flame effects
Phone booth
4 Display bases   

Home Depot is building a shared universe; Galactic Glitch dress; The Power Broker revealed

Daft Punk x Leiji Matsumoto Interstella 5555 figure set; John Woo gif thread; The Ring as cyberpunk

(Available at ebay.)