Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Knights of the Old Republic is on sale at iTunes

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is $3.99 right now, instead of the usual $9.99.

Dystopian Lego City

Utopia above, environmental disaster below by DF Inc.

Link roundup

1. Gawker on Texas' "winning" by convincing Toyota to relocate from California:
Rick Perry Is a Domestic Financial Terrorist 
California (-3,000 jobs) + Kentucky (-1,000 jobs) + Texas (+4,000 jobs)= 0 net jobs.
Financial cost to the public: -$40 million.
2. "Starbucks' latest tea (and soda) activities follows news that the company has basically stopped buying coffee due to soaring Arabica prices."

3. ESPN:
When Golden State Warriors assistant coach Darren Erman was fired earlier this month, the reason given was a "violation of company policy." 
It turns out that Erman's violation was secretly recording conversations between the team's coaches and players, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

This spider is so transparent that you can see it's eyes moving around inside its head

"Yellow amycine jumping spider, Reserva Canadé, Ecuador
One of the most transparent jumping spiders I've ever seen. Note how visible the primary eyes are."  Via.

Link roundup

1. The latest Hitman game was inspired by The Rich Kids of Instagram.

2. "The Skylanders series has existed for less than three years, but in its 27 months is has made over $2 billion at retail."

3.  SyFy is "developing" a series based on Lev Grossman's The Magicians. (I loved the first two books.)

4.  Charlie Stross says we should encourage wealthy corporations to fund airship settlements on Venus.

5.  Grantland says a big factor in the NBA playoff upsets is the teams like the Mavs, Wizards, and Grizzlies that payed up for veterans are beating the teams like the Rockets that tried to fill out their roster with cheap players that were 80% as good as the veterans.

Art roundup

I hated the book (and it sounds like they're changing some pretty key elements), but the images from The Maze Runner movie are pretty cool.

Tiny missing posters of mice posted in New York to promote a rodent control company.

Lego hardsuit by Garry.

Starship Troopers, Medal of Honor, and Zetman ZET Play-Arts Kai figures are 35% off at Entertainment Earth.

Anyone dying to buy a Star Wars librarian action figure?

The Star Wars toy selection is so weird--just made available for preorder: Jocasta Nu with Dooku bust:

At the request of Star Wars fans, Jocasta Nu is making her very first appearance as a 3.75” figure! Jocasta Nu comes on a Vintage card, encased in a premium package designed to resemble the holocron vaults that she oversees as Chief Librarian of the Jedi Archives. Nu comes with the bust of Master Dooku, along with a mantle to hold the bust.

Accessory List
Lightsaber handle (unlit)
Lightsaber (lit)
Battle bag with string closure
Master Dooku "Lost Twenty" Bust

(Relatedly, Bastila is once again available for preorder for KOTOR fans.)

Link roundup

1. "The United States built Twitter-like social media programs in Afghanistan and Pakistan, like one in Cuba, that were aimed at encouraging open political discussion, Obama administration officials said Friday."

2. "Twitter stock is down about 10 percent in after-hours trading, below $40 per share. It was at over $70 in December."

3.  A blogger scanned and posted a bunch of pages from the Ralph Steadman edition of Animal Farm, complained when Buzzfeed reposted the images, and Buzzfeed actually removed the post.

Link roundup

1. Some really great Image comics are included in the latest Humble Bundle.

2. Nightmare fuel turns adorable.

3. New York school canceled its annual musical to devote the time to focus on reading, writing and other skills needed for college.

4.  Cards Against Humanity details their Extreme Gaming Oatmeal campaign:

Finally, we had to get these packets into the U.S. with FDA approval, and they had to fit into the convention center’s strict rules that ban giving away food. This was a big design challenge that we solved by shipping empty packets to the U.S. and then filling them with less than once ounce each of good old domestic U.S.A. oatmeal.
5. The Game of Thrones opening remade with Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Art roundup

Concept art and the 20-minute-long epic Elder Scrolls Online movie by Blur.

The Healer by Ricky.

On July 23 (Batman Day), you can get Batman masks designed by Ryan Sook.

Bene Gesserit by Emily Carroll.

Olly Moss-esque Planet of the Apes blu-ray cover.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Art roundup

Sculptures, nesting dolls, and illustrations from the Hellboy tribute show.

Thundarr layouts by Jack Kirby.

Storyboards for Adventure Time: Escape from the Citadel.

Last Exit to Nowhere's latest tee is inspired by The Return of the Living Dead.

Colin Fix.

Illustrations by Yuta Onoda for Evolution Magazine.

*Buy Thundarr toys at ebay.

The Justice League and Avengers as rock stars

Super hero rock stars by Andrés Moncayo available as prints. Via.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Deathstroke Funko Pop Vinyl

Deathstroke Funko Pop Vinyl figure available as a Diamond Comics exclusive.

Iron Man 3 included Man-Thing's origin


In Iron Man 3, AIM is using a formula based on plant research to give people superpowers. In the comics, Man-Thing was originally a scientist who was doing top secret research on plants in the Everglades when his wife betrayed him to AIM. In desperation, he injected himself with his untested formula, only to discover it had seriously unexpected consequences. The female AIM agent (played by Stephanie Szostak) who battles Tony to the death midway through the film is named Ellen Brandt, who is Man-Thing's treacherous wife. The character even has the scar on her face she received fighting Man-Thing in the comics.

Two Perfect Scores for iOS Game Wayward Souls

I'm re-addicted to DC's Injustice, but just ordered Wayward Souls based on perfect reviews at AppSpy and Touch Arcade. Also, this:

Buy the game now at an introductory sale price of $4.99 USD. Every time we do a big content update, we will raise the price by a dollar. We plan to do several updates.
Available at iTunes.

Adventure Time: Wake Up storyboards

The storyboards from part 1 of last week's 2-part epic Adventure Time episode (in which the heroes are reminded not to trifle with The Lich).

Plants vs. Zombies figures

Plants vs. Zombies figures available for preorder.

Link roundup

1. The Pope's audience hall looks like a Final Fantasy boss fight.

2. Kaiju size comparison chart.

3. The new Mickey Mouse cartoon.

4. $22k official Monster Hunter guitar looks like a giant sword.

5.  12-minute-long Alice in Wonderland-themed anti-drug commercial by the Department of Health.

Video of the threezero's new Mazinger Z

Short video showing off threezero's Mazinger Z from all angles. You can preorder it here.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tyrion sculpture by Ale Buz.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Darkplace poster

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace poster available at Etsy. Also in the shop is this Camp Crystal Lake print: