Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Columbia's Star Wars clothes this year are Boba Fett-themed and go on sale 12/3

Someone destroyed Norway's undersea surveillance network

The Drive (a few weeks ago):

LoVe's stated purpose is to use its sensors to monitor the effects of climate change, methane emissions, and fish stocks, providing scientists with a live feed of imagery, sound, and other data.

Of course, the system also monitors submarine activity in the area


Reports indicate that more than 2.5 miles of fiber optic and electrical cables were severed and then removed.


While the area is very close to the Norwegian coast, it’s also adjacent to the Greenland, Iceland, United Kingdom Gap, or GIUK Gap, a major strategic bottleneck through which Russian submarines would need to break through undetected if they wish to move out into the wider Atlantic without being traced. 

The tower in the background of this photo is real

Atlas Obscura's entry on PL Peace Tower, A strange tribute to all the fallen souls of war

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Low-res painted Space Marine

*See more miniatures.

Monday, November 29, 2021

One of a kind art book celebrating the concept art of Star Wars Uprising

Also, different looks for Captain Riyola Keevan of the Halcyon (Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser hotel experience):

Here's how San Diego State's helmets get decorated with the Aztec calendar

From an article headlined, "A Deeper Look at the Sickest Helmet in College Football":
The design is actually hydro-dipped into water. The helmet is painted red initially. Once painted red, the Aztec print is laid upon a tank of water. Each side of the helmet is then dipped, one side at a time.

Mobile Game Hell is a Twitter feed dedicated to documenting mobile game advertisements

FYI, you can turn off the Twitter feature that tells people you're listening to a "Space"

Forcing an employee to use his accrued vacation time exposed a spiraling scandal at the LAPD's gun store


As the store’s closing supervisor, he was there each night to lock up — and hand count the inventory.

If someone else had been assigned that count, they might have discovered that dozens of guns were missing and that [the store manager] was stealing them and selling them for cash, prosecutors wrote in the memo. But since he was always there, the Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club was apparently none the wiser.

This went on for years, prosecutors wrote, facilitated by a lack of oversight and safety protocols that are considered standard in other gun stores.

Then, in February 2020, [the manager's] bosses told him he had accrued the “maximum allowable leave hours” and had to take time off, prosecutors wrote in the memo. When he did, another manager finally made the startling discovery: Boxes meant to have guns in them were actually empty.


Top commanders, meanwhile, have been accused by the captain who initially oversaw the investigation of purposefully impeding the work of her detectives and assisting those in their crosshairs


One officer ... is accused of tipping off [one of the investigation's targets] that his police locker was about to be searched, while another ... is accused of issuing a veiled threat to investigators working on the gun case

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

"Shares in Macau casino operators plunged" after the head of the area's largest junket operator allegedly confessed to running illegal betting activities


It is the first time such a high profile figure from Macau's gaming industry has been arrested in an ongoing crackdown against the sector, with plans announced in September to increase government regulation.


Almost all gambling is forbidden in mainland China but it is permitted in Macau


Macau police have accused Chau and ten others of setting up an illegal cross-border gambling and a money-laundering syndicate that enabled mainland Chinese to place bets online.

Great story about an "Aryan-looking" young Jew that ended up in France at the start of WW2 and became a prolific member of the resistance

Just one anecdote from the NYTimes

He was soon rounded up with others and sent to a transit camp outside Lyon. A guard divulged that they were being transferred to a camp in Poland.

“I knew a labor camp in Poland wasn’t good,” Mr. Rosenberg said. “I knew I had to find a way not to go.”

A fellow internee was a medical student. He asked her what illness might necessitate admission into a hospital, and she said peritonitis, a disease of the stomach lining. He interrogated her about the symptoms.

Biding his time until enough guards were nearby, Mr. Rosenberg commenced a performance of writhing and moaning. He was taken to the infirmary, where he rubbed a thermometer until it registered a fever. When he next awoke, he was missing his appendix. He also learned that he was going to Poland anyway.

He pleaded with a nurse to let him mail a letter.

Mr. Rosenberg’s message, as he had hoped, found its way to a secret network of priests connected to the Resistance. A rebel priest soon visited the hospital, concealed a parcel of clothes for him behind a toilet and parked a bicycle beneath a window. Mr. Rosenberg then darted off on it, blood leaking from his belly.

After he healed, he joined the Resistance. 

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Neural net does Star Wars x Picasso; The Little Mermaid Viewmaster images; A great photo of a basketball hoop

(I saw one on sale at ebay.)

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Wild short film

Mother and daughter in Florida face hacking charges for alleged efforts to help daughter win homecoming queen

Daily Beast:

More than a year after the alleged hack, the mom and daughter insist that even after the “false” votes were deleted, [she]still won the majority. (Court documents appear to back up that claim.)


In the 2021 ... High School yearbook, students photoshopped a horse’s ass over [her] face—causing the books to be recalled

A look at "Afghanistan’s underground sneakernet”

Technology Review:

He began erasing some of the sensitive data on his computer and moving the rest onto two of his largest hard drives, which he then wrapped in a layer of plastic and buried underground at an undisclosed location.

[He] didn’t take these precautions because he is part of Afghan intelligence, or linked to the government. He has no state secrets hidden on his computers. He is what is locally referred to as a “computer kar”: someone who sells digital content by hand in a country where a steady internet connection can be hard to come by. “I sell pretty much everything, from movies, music, mobile applications, to iOS updates. I also help create Apple IDs and social media accounts, and with backing up phones and recovering data,” he says, then adds, in a hushed voice, “I can also unlock [stolen] phones and provide other naughty videos.” 


“the connection here is not reliable, so every month I send a 4 terabyte hard drive to Jalalabad, and they fill it with content and return it in a week’s time with the latest Indian movies or Turkish TV dramas, music, and applications,” for which he says he pays between 800 and 1,000 afghanis ($8.75 to $11).

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This week's best Warhammer 40k miniatures and other hobby creations

Friday, November 26, 2021

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator looks totally wild

The Mind Mgmt board game is 13% off right now

I haven't tried it, but it was featured on a recent episode of the Shut Up and Sit Down podcast, and I realized I'd forgotten (appropriate!) how much I liked that series.
On sale right now at Amazon:
Based on Matt Kindts NY Times Best Selling graphic novel series ~!~
Campaign-style game with 14 sealed packages to unlock.
Solo & Co-op mode included with free iOS and Android app.
Secrets throughout lead to print & play content for the game!
One of the fastest hidden movement games on the market!

Update: Coincidentally, they just posted their holiday recommendations.

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Shifting mirror sculpture; Sloshy water display; Neural net Samus

Modded transparent iPod; Game Genie code lets you turn Smash TV without enemies; Game's color options are surprisingly poetic

Thursday, November 25, 2021

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Exciting cover for the "Guide for Spectroscopy"; Model for Sunshine's Icarus II; Dagobah's lost dragon

(I saw one copy at Amazon.)

Mecha-Spider Darth Maul, and other Star Wars custom action figures

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

New Star Trek and No Time to Die t-shirts at Last Exit to Nowhere

United Federation of Planets and Nanobots aren't just for Christmas.

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Augmented reality version of Squid Game's red light, green light; Custom action figure of Star Wars cyborg bounty hunter Valance; Jodorowsky's Dune bible

Suspended Text street art; Candelabra ring; Logo for the San Jose Lasers