Thursday, January 20, 2022

Northwoods Baseball Sleep Radio is a full-length fake baseball game designed to help you fall asleep

Available as a two-hour podcast (I haven't tried it yet):

Northwoods Baseball Sleep Radio is a full-length fake baseball game. There is no yelling, no loud commercials, no weird volume spikes. Fans call it "baseball radio ASMR". 

It is the perfect podcast for sleeping 

An interview:

“I experimented with listening to podcasts and white noise, and I found I liked to fall asleep by listening to a west coast game that I didn’t really care about,” Mr. King continued. “But I would always get jarred by the commercials suddenly yelling at you about a Ford F-150 or something.”

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Custom joystick featuring a wizard pondering his orb

Pastels at the beach; Portal and hammer; Consumed suit of armor

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

"Web 3.0" is the wealthy thinking, "'how do we get more money out of them that doesn't involve us giving them more value?"

From a longer thread:

Sounds like erroneous automated DMCA notices led to a longtime Blogger blog being taken down

If my blog ever blinks out of existence like what's described here, you can find me at Twitter.

"Bleeding" house candle

(Amazon link for the book. Amazon has "Vampire tears" candles.)

Authorities are investigating after an "alarmingly" large prop bet was placed on a specific Premier League player receiving a yellow card

Action Sports Network speculates on the bet and player in question.

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Tiny circuit sculptures

"Scarred for Life" volume 3 previews; The Tower; Elektra

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

My Neighbor Totoro with Catbus stacking toy available for preorder

Ensky makes several charming stacking toys based on Studio Ghibli movies, including Spirited Away, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, and more, expected to be in stock any moment (I have the Spirited Away set--every pillow, ball of yarn, and creature is a separate item):

"The $15 million in ether (4,600 ETH) stolen from Singapore-based is currently being laundered via Tornado Cash, an Ethereum Mixer"


Law enforcement has previously shut down other mixers such as Bestmixer, which was raided by European Union authorities in 2019, and Helix, which was shut down by the FBI in 2021 for laundering Darknet funds.


Several users of a major cryptocurrency exchange endorsed by Matt Damon in a notorious viral ad complained over the weekend that their funds on the platform had been stolen. Confusion has reigned since then


“As far as I've seen, haven't said that no funds were lost, but that ‘no customer funds were lost.’ This could mean that the funds belonged to the company themselves rather than customers, or that any customer losses will be covered by the business. But that's just me speculating based on what I see on social media.”

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A good (free) scifi/horror comic

Concept art for a very different "Men in Black" villain

Monday, January 17, 2022

Nine behind-the-scenes stories about making HBO's "Station Eleven"

(It's absolutely terrific--and I never made it far in the book.) Vulture:

Our main access road to the cabin set, only one way in and one way out — it’s the road that we brought all the equipment in and brought the cast in, and it was meant to be pristine. In the story, it’s post-pandemic. There are no cars! So Patrick came up with this brilliant idea that even though we’re post-pandemic, there’s one guy with a snowplow. He was like, “Why not! There could be a guy with a snowplow, and he’s clearing the road.” So we got a snowplow guy to clear the road, and that justified what was required for us to be able to shoot those scenes.

Slate also has a long interview with adapted by Patrick Somerville, who adapted the novel.

Meanwhile, in the real world:

The rabbi rescued himself and his companions by throwing a chair at the gunman

Reuters said the FBI ended the standoff by "storming" the temple.

Here's what the rabbi says:

Today is Robert E. Lee Day in Alabama and Mississippi

"Previous efforts to end the joint holiday, including one that would give Lee his own day in October, have failed in the Alabama Legislature." (Wikipedia.)

Also, a Golden State Warriors owner (and big California governor recall sponsor) celebrated the day by saying, "Nobody cares about what’s happening to the Uyghurs, okay?...The rest of us don’t care."

Sotheby’s will auction a 555.55-carat black diamond from space called “The Engima”


Sotheby’s is pleased to presentThe Enigma: 555.55 Carat Fancy Black Diamond, part of RE(LUX), a Luxury Sale Series. A treasure from interstellar space, The Enigma is an exquisite and extremely rare black diamond. The largest Fancy Black Natural Colour diamond in the world, it was listed as the largest cut diamond in the world in the 2006 Guinness Book of World Records. To have a natural faceted black diamond of this size is an extremely rare occurrence and its origins are shrouded in mystery – thought to have been created either from a meteoric impact or having actually emerged from a diamond-bearing asteroid that collided with Earth. 

Cryptocurrency will be accepted as payment


the number five bears an importance significance to the diamond, which has 55 facets as well.

“The shape of the diamond is based on the Middle-Eastern palm symbol of the Khamsa, which stands for strength and it stands for protection,” she said. Khamsa in Arabic means five. 

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Some good book covers, and some "good" book covers

(The US cover is entirely forgettable.)

(Towards Zero available at ebay.)

(The Postman Always Rings Twice available at ebay.)

(Available at Amazon.)

(Available at Amazon.)

Abandoned cooling tower; Lego version of Cobb Vanth's speeder; Augmented reality jacket

Sunday, January 16, 2022

He lives


FYI, I've updated my site's theme, and will start hiding longer posts behind the jump so the site will load faster

Over time, I'll edit older posts as well so it'll be a faster experience exploring them.

"Blade Maidens" is a charming ongoing adventure webcomic/novella

Page one.

Detroit Cobras - "Mean Man"

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Lego Corvette Spinner; Incredibly-cute Spider-Man cosplay; This animation of Spiral deserves fan art

Star Trek + Gideon the Ninth crossover, perhaps

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Train derailment in Los Angeles in location of recent thefts

(No official information on cause yet.)

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"Medusa's Offspring" vinyl figure; "Psycho" playset; Lithium mines from above