Monday, November 30, 2020

An eerie warning from the future: In 2019, a Project Runway contestant named Kovid crafted a look featuring a facemask

This is worse than Greedo shooting first

"Disney has digitally removed a lone crew member who accidentally appeared in the background of a recent Mandalorian episode."

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It's a delight watching this artist sculpt likenesses of LeBron, Maradonna, and Boseman

Painting guide for a multi-colored diamond pattern on Eldar Harlequins makes it seem almost easy?

*Enjoy these expertly painted miniatures and painting tips.

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Blade Runner mod for Serious Sam Fusion; Operation Deep Freeze ARG; Look out for this glitch in Into the Spider-Verse 2

Techno Medieval Court

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Someone posted an episode of the forbidden series Star Wars Detours

Featuring Weird Al as 4-LOM.

Cyber Monday sale at the BBTS

Sale items include 45% off "Hot Ryu" by Storm Collectibles, 65% off a box of Disney Afternoon Collection Mystery Minis, and 30% S.H.Figuarts Endgame Hulk.

Today's funny posts

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Macy's Parade float?; Neuromancer posters; Stylish French satellite

Elegant Roman pottery; Modern Valkyrie; Canto Bight Casino

(Museum link.)