Friday, February 28, 2014

Pro Wrestling Starman custom action figure on sale at ebay.

RAMIS: When we were shooting the big climactic scene on Central Park West and 65th Street, we stopped traffic in 90 percent of Manhattan. 
LASZTO KOVACS: This limousine kept trying to make a left turn. And a police sergeant moved him on. A half an hour later, he’s back. The policeman got so mad because the guy rolled down his window and started arguing. Another cop came over, and they pulled the guy out through the window of the limousine. The cop then said, “Now, you walk.” 
GROSS: I saw a cop draw a gun on a cab driver who wouldn’t listen.

We needed a new bottle of hot sauce and my wife picked out Gringo Bandito because she suspected the packaging would delight me.

Titanfall melee finishers are the best

The video gives tips on yanking pilots right out of their mechs. (And hey, I made my first gif.)

*Buy The Art of Titanfall at Amazon.

Leblon-Delienne vinyl figures.

Outtakes from Nick Denton's recent interview:

No, we never lost money. That’s the crazy thing. I’d seen all the people in 2001 run out of money slowly, like just their blood draining onto the sand. And that was not going to happen. So within two or three weeks of Lehman, we cut like 30% of the costs just like that. It was a terrible thing, but an amazing achievement and also pointless all the same time. It was cruel to the people who were fired, probably unnecessarily, because we ended up having enough money. It was admirable in the sense that we weren’t taking any chances with the rest of the jobs in the company or with our future and we made decisions that had to be made. And it was pointless in the sense that actually our revenues increased by 30% and it was the first time we ever generated significant profits.

Reddit posts turned into movie posters

The photo is of the Chicago skyline reflecting off Lake Michigan. This clever Reddit user has been turning popular Reddit photos into movie posters:

Sugarplum Fairy (The Cabin in the Woods) cosplay.

The Guardian:

Meet the seven people who hold the keys to worldwide internet security
It sounds like the stuff of science fiction: seven keys, held by individuals from all over the world, that together control security at the core of the web. The reality is rather closer to The Office than The Matrix

Modern Twilight Zone


"It is kind of like when MTV would go visit Cribs and you saw these huge houses (most leased) and cars (most leased) and I would love MTV to go back and do a Cribs revisited show and look at every person and see what they are doing today and where they are living."

"Seth Rogen's Speech [about Alzheimer's] Was Delivered to a Near-Empty Senate Chamber." He called out congressmen on Twitter.

From All-New X-Men #25, the history of Jean Grey by Bruce Timm.

Picked up from my wishlist, Pines is one of today's $2 downloads at Amazon.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Adventure Time Lego by Mandy Jouan.

Vault Boys by Pavel Gorbunov, who is offering $15 commissions.

"It is interesting how cyberpunk now has a nostalgic twinge to it. It's almost like an alternative present."

Concluding paragraph of an article looking at potential lawsuits against food companies for making people fat:

These sorts of lawsuits do suggest dire things about the future of one industry: trial law. As the great money machine that was asbestos finally grinds to a halt, having bankrupted nearly every firm that ever touched the stuff, the trial lawyers will have to find more promising territory to launch mass torts from. If this sort of thing is the best they can come up with, then they’re in real trouble.

WWE star Antonio Cesaro's t-shirt.

"So [Jan] Brewer’s veto was no surprise. What was a surprise was the powerful, profoundly un-weaselly nature of her statement."


Struggles for human rights always begin with brave men and women who stand up, isolated, against the forces of oppression. But, in the United States, victory really arrives on the glorious day when the people with money decide discrimination is bad for business.

Too good a stat to verify.

New Last Exit to Nowhere tee

Last Exit to Nowhere's latest t-shirt is based on David Bowie's The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Upside down NBA hats.


George Washington’s alcohol consumption was, at times, prodigious. That consumption by Washington and his fellow founding fathers has been whitewashed—literally—from American history by the intervening Temperance movement, whose effects still drive us. For instance, the classic picture of Washington taking his farewell from his troops at Fraunces Tavern in New York—which, of course, involved a toast—was painted with a serving flask clearly visible. This container was painted out of these same pictures later in the nineteenth century, reminiscent of Soviet photos with purged former leaders excised.

Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, and Crispy Smoked Mushroom Sandwich recipe.

"In 2012, [Los Angeles] county paid $37 million for [Los Angeles Sheriff's Department] lawsuits; in 2013, the figure jumped to $43 million, with still-larger totals expected this year."

TARDIS cosplay.

"In a certain sense, Downton Abbey is quite realistic: It portrays the lives of the servants as the upper class imagined them. But I would almost rather they had ignored the servants entirely instead of erecting this Potemkin village of happy servitude."

Manu Ginobili's Nike shoe malfunction

A small sampling of the many police characters from upcoming game Riot.

Bryan Cranston on Babylon 5

Babylon 5: The Long Night.

Jim Rugg's contributions for a post-it art show.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My wife informs me that there's a current contest to win a Nerf Rebelle Training Day house party.

Battle of Evermore, Cam Floyd's contribution to the current music-themed show at Gallery Nucleus.

New York:

A mixed-income building on the Upper West Side has banned rent-stabilized tenants from a fancy new gym, decreeing that only those who pay market-rate rents can use the facility.

"3-Story Floating School in Nigeria Rides on Recycled Barrels."

"Bacon caps are just the beginning — the Triple-A IronPigs also have bacon pants and scratch-and-sniff bacon T-shirts."

True Detective poster-based speculation. Via.

Alexander Mandradjiev.

Pit Lord by Igor Kieryluk.

Most of the rorqual skeletons were complete, well-preserved, and belly-up. There was even a group of two adults and a youngster, log-jammed together and beautifully preserved. All of this suggests that they died at sea and were washed onto tidal flats, where they were quickly buried. And since the fossils were found in four separate layers, these mass strandings happened repeatedly in this same place. 
What killed such a diverse group of animals, time and again? “Every explanation must work across all the taxa, and must also satisfy what you see about the bones and their arrangement,” says Pyenson. “And it has to explain the pattern four times.” 
Pyenson says there is only one cause that fits all the available evidence:

–OK, to the larger issue: What specifically has caused the tension between Harbaugh and Baalke? 
I’ve written a lot about the strains and frictrion, but while doing some radio interviews recently it became clear to me–thanks to some very good questions–that I haven’t really detailed how and why this might’ve happened, incident to incident. 
First off, only Baalke and Harbaugh really know exactly why they went from hill-running inseparables in March 2011 to dealing with each other suspiciously and only when necessary in November 2013… 
But after talking with people who know them, I can fill in some of the picture, I think…

Aesthetics tee.

Star Wars eyewear. Via.

A list of songs that were #1 when each Disneyland ride was last updated significantly.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Betty, tonight's episode of Adventure Time, was terrific. Title card by Derek Ballard.

Nerf Rebelle--the weapon collection for young ladies

"I am strong, confident. I am powerful." Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow and Sweet Revenge Dart Kit available at Amazon.

"Meet the 4 Most Desired People in New York (According to OKCupid)."

"Dominica's Fake Ski Team Scammed The Olympics And The Press."

Homemade ringwraith costume.

Board game inspired by Inception

Board game kickstarter:

Inceptor is a board game that takes place in the dream world. The board represents the inside of a dreamer's mind, who is known as the Mark. Each player is trying to plant an idea in the Mark's dream, hoping that when he wakes, he will carry out their chosen task. The key is to make your task seem achievable to the Mark and to make sure he believes it was his own idea from its inception. In order to do this the dream needs to be so real, that when the Mark wakes up, the planted idea sticks and he performs the mission without a second thought.