Friday, June 30, 2023

GameBoy Mini Camera modded to use an iPhone XR lens (and to look great)

"Skeletons on the Zahara: A True Story of Survival" is $2.99 right now

at Amazon (I've had it on my wishlist):

Skeletons on the Zahara chronicles the true story of twelve American sailors who were shipwrecked off the coast of Africa in 1815, captured by desert nomads, sold into slavery, and subjected to a hellish two-month journey through the perilous heart of the Sahara.

The western Sahara is a baking hot and desolate place, home only to nomads and their camels, and to locusts, snails and thorny scrub -- and its barren and ever-changing coastline has baffled sailors for centuries. In August 1815, the US brig Commerce was dashed against Cape Bojador and lost, although through bravery and quick thinking the ship's captain, James Riley, managed to lead all of his crew to safety. What followed was an extraordinary and desperate battle for survival in the face of human hostility, starvation, dehydration, death and despair.

Captured, robbed and enslaved, the sailors were dragged and driven through the desert by their new owners, who neither spoke their language nor cared for their plight. Reduced to drinking urine, flayed by the sun, crippled by walking miles across burning stones and sand and losing over half of their body weights, the sailors struggled to hold onto both their humanity and their sanity. To reach safety, they would have to overcome not only the desert but also the greed and anger of those who would keep them in captivity.

Hot Toys Supergirl (The Flash movie) up for preorder

at the BBTS:

Jamie McKelvie's doing covers for The Expanse comic book series (which takes place after the last tv season)

He posted Avasarala in his newsletter. (I've almost finished my rewatch of season two--terrific.)

Here's a Bluesky invite code (it's been claimed)


The weekend toy sale includes Bill and Ted, cloaked Predators, and Mezco's Wolverine

Right now at the BBTS, deals include 35% off Super 7's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Super Cyborg Dragonzord, 42% off Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure FigBiz Two-Pack, 35% off cloaked Predator by Hiya Toys, and 25% off Mezco Wolverine. 

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Just look at this Minotaur RPG character commission

Thursday, June 29, 2023

"The Soul of a New Machine" is $2.99 right now

at Amazon. (It's on that list by The Verge of the best nonfiction books about technology--I probably read it 10+ years ago, but remember enjoying it.)
Tracy Kidder's "riveting" (Washington Post) story of one company's efforts to bring a new microcomputer to market won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award and has become essential reading for understanding the history of the American tech industry.

The Verge put together a list of the greatest nonfiction tech books of all time


New Humble Bundle is Warhammer and Warhammer 40K novels

Starts at eight novels for $1.

You only need to buy two Nazi action figures to get all the pieces to build the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Grail Selection Table

Up for preorder now, Grail Knight and other figures from the old and new movies.

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Indiana Jones Adventure button for theme park staff

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Cardboard and rubberband drones being used by Ukraine

A news report yesterday. The company's announcement in March about providing them. Shown off in this video:

New Humble Bundle is the Train 3 Mega Haul

Explore the Darlington to Saltburn by the Sea route and many many more.

Looing at these routes, an idea popped in my head--a town management/dating game based on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels would be great.

New G.I. Joe toys up for preorder, including a Soundwave that transforms into the Dreadnocks' Thunder Machine

The BBTS has the Soundwave set (with Zartan, Zarana, Ravage), and G.I. Joe Classified figures (Firefly, Viper, and Nunchuk).

And speaking of G.I. Joe, the one day sale includes the Super 7 Reaction Blind Woodsman rescuing Snake-Eyes set.

Alex Goldman says an Imagineer confirmed Disney's Trump animatronic was a hastily repurposed Hillary

It's apparently been replaced by a properly sculpted one. From his substack:

The imagineer closed with a fascinating bit of Disney animatronic trivia

Alot [sic] of people hear that Disney has a new animatronic, and they think it’s getting designed somewhere from scratch in a Swiss lab. For some of the more advanced ones, that’s definitely the case but for most of them, it’s much more like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. They’ll repurpose and put together existing heads and appendages for new rides or if they need spare parts. There’s an old attraction called Ellen’s Universe of Energy. It was a really long ride, and I’ll bet there were at least a dozen Ellen Degeneres animatronics. After the ride closed down, they didn’t throw out those Ellens. They repurposed them. I know they put a beard and probably an eyepatch on at least one and moved it into one of the background scenes of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

So just because it appears Hilary is no longer hiding underneath a latex Trump mask in The Hall of Presidents, it doesn’t mean she couldn’t be hiding elsewhere in the park

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Painting tutorial makes painting a convincing glowing light look easy

Magical drybrushing:

*See more miniatures.

The Dodgers minor league mascot is an oil derrick named Oily the Oiler

Alternate mascot for the Tulsa Drillers:

ebay has the bobblehead.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Press L3 + R3 to accept the truth

From Final Fantasy 16:

Full scans of “Backstage Disneyland” newsletters, which were created by the Disneyland Recreation Club, and distributed to cast members

Explained, with links to the downloads here. Absurdist time capsules.

RPG that only uses three letter words

Some screencaps in the tweet, posted here.

Tsunoda and Verstappen raced in monster trucks

@redbull Max vs Yuki in mega trucks... who takes the 🏆? for the full race, head to our YouTube channel 🎥  #redbull #givesyouwiiings #unseriousraceseries #f1 #formula1 #redbullracing #alphatauri #maxverstappen #yukitsunoda ♬ original sound - Red Bull

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The one day sale includes a bunch of WWE figures

Mario Kart Hot Wheels, WWE Elite figures, and Among Us Nendoroid all in the one day sale at the BBTS today.

New free stories by Ann Leckie, John Scalzi, James S.A. Corey, and more

Amazon has a bunch of new short stories by top science fiction and fantasy writers, including Rebecca Roanhorse and Nnedi Okorafor. All free with Prime.

"We have always been here" sign and costumes

A prisoner stares into the abyss

Monday, June 26, 2023

Handbag inspired by Dracula's armor in the Coppola movie

*Previously: Winona Ryder says Keanu Reeves refused Francis Ford Coppola’s request to hurl abuse at her until she cried on Dracula set

"Canada Soccer has spiralled into a financial crisis"


Canada Soccer officials have also been in talks with the private company Canadian Soccer Business (CSB) in recent months to renegotiate a controversial media and sponsorship agreement that was signed in 2018.

According to that contract, which will be in place through 2037 if CSB decides to extend an initial 10-year deal, CSB pays Canada Soccer an annual fee of between $3-$4 million.

In exchange, the private company, which is owned and controlled by Canadian Premier League (CPL) team owners, receives all of the revenue from the national teams' media rights and sponsorships.

The contract, first publicly detailed by TSN in July 2022, has come under withering criticism during a series of Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage hearings in Ottawa over the past year.

Members of Parliament have repeatedly pressed Canada Soccer for answers about why the organization handed away such valuable rights for 20 years at a time, particularly after Canada had agreed in April 2017 to join the U.S. and Mexico in a joint bid to host the 2026 World Cup.

The formerly exclusive Clone Wars figures are up for preorder

Entertainment Earth has Mace Windu in armor, Barriss Offee, and Aayla Secura.

The one day sale includes Quetzalcoatlus and S.H.Figuarts Nick Fury

Deals at the BBTS today include, 39% off S.H.Figuarts Nick Fury (Avengers movie), 29% off Jurassic World: Dominion Massive Action Quetzalcoatlus, 48% off Diamond Select Flynn, 30% off a third-party Shockwave, and 40% off a designer deep sea diver figure

The crow-themed soccer club I've mentioned occasionally could use some financial support

The keeper jersey is long since sold out I believe, but they have other good jerseys, tees, and hoodies.

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Biblically Accurate Angel mask with moving eyes

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Elden Ring zine featuring a six-year-old's drawings, fan art, and commentary of her favorite characters

Rick Astley did a full set of Morrissey/Smiths songs

Not Shoplifters, tho. :-(

Editor of the LA Review of Books talks about his mom scabbing during the 1981 Writer's Guild strike

Thread starts here. The punchline:

BTW, the hot issue in 1981 was compensation "in the key area of original programming made for pay television, video cassettes and video disks":

''There will inevitably be a shift from free television to pay television,'' Melville Shavelson, president of the Writers' Guild, said today. ''Today's settlement will accelerate the shift. In addition, the producers told us that, within five years, 50 percent of the movie theaters will be closed.'' 

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Naomi Novak's "A Deadly Education" is $1.99 today

at Amazon. (I just picked it up.)

3D-printable Disney+ Marvel miniatures

Trident Studio has lots of 3d-printable miniatures available at their Patreon and shops like Gumroad, including Gwenpool, Agent Venom, and undead Doctor Strange:

Saturday, June 24, 2023

More TMNT Mutant Mayhem toys up for preorder

Entertainment Earth has the Playmates figures that mostly sold out at Amazon last week, plus a few other items, including the blind-packed Mutagen Ooze Cannister with Baby Turtle.

If you're curious as to how the season played out for Haralabos Voulgaris's soccer club (former Mavs front office guy, regular Bill Simmons guest)

ESPN+ article from August about his purchase of the team.

"Malware Finds a Way" t-shirt

Some good hacker-themed tees in the Spearfish General Store:

New Humble Bundle features The Boys and Project Superpowers comics, starting at three volumes for $1

Two book bundles today--the Boys bundle starts at three volumes for $1. And Classic Reimagined features illustrated copies of Sherlock Holmes, Dickens, Poe, etc, starting at five books for $1.

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This week's best Warhammer 40k miniatures, custom action figures, 3D-printables, and other hobby creations