Saturday, February 29, 2020

The hand crank-operated "Minimum Wage Machine"

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Kobe-themed race car available as a diecast model

Ryan Blaney's car:

Proceeds from the sale of this diecast will benefit the MambaOnThree Fund that was created to honor Team Mamba’s mantra, “Mamba on Three.” It’s with that customary chant for togetherness, sisterhood and the ability to take on every challenge that this Fund was named.

The MambaOnThree Fund exists to honor and support loved ones of the seven other victims involved in the tragedy that occurred on January 26, 2020. All donations to the Fund will be directed to their families.

Lego version of the robot-pulled rickshaw

Sword wishes its victims eternal life

One in every 14 people in this town in Malta is named Buttigieg


QALA, Malta — In this craggy, sun-kissed village of 2,000 people, three of the past four mayors have had the same last name: Buttigieg. The opposition leader is a Buttigieg, too. So is the baker. And one of the priests. And many of the retirees.


Mayor Pete’s father, a former Notre Dame professor who died last year, was born in Malta

Los Angeles high school cancels active-shooter drill that was going to include 11-minutes of simulated gunfire


San Marino High School was ready for its active-shooter drill Friday morning. City police officers planned to fire blank cartridges over 11 minutes to familiarize students with the sound of gunfire.


the American Civil Liberties Union intervened and asked [the principal] to stop the drill, concerned that it could be too traumatic for teenagers.


Two years ago, San Marino High, a 1,050-student campus in one of the county’s most affluent neighborhoods, conducted a simulation drill that involved a police presence, mock shooter and students trapped in a stairwell.

Worf and Tasha celebrate leap day

Ten funny tweets

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First time I've seen this Vader by McQuarrie; Anakin and Ahsoka in urban style; Kylo Ren as Randy

Wargaming miniatures roundup

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Friday, February 28, 2020

"These black and white prints commemorate the work of hundreds of anti-racist activists over the past century"