Monday, April 22, 2024

Neat article about an artist changing the path of the Los Angeles River

The Art Newspaper:

On the face of it, Lauren Bon’s current art project, like its title, Bending the River, sounds like a Herculean task. The plan is to divert water from the part of the Los Angeles River that runs by downtown and clean it through natural filtration processes before sending it to the nearby Los Angeles State Historic Park for irrigation.

Last October, the project achieved a major milestone


Bon and her team have had to file around 100 applications with federal, state and local authorities to proceed

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Hot Toys Darth Revan figure up for preorder

Also the murderous astromech droid from thr Doctor Aphra comics, and Lord Starkiller from the Force Unleashed games.

Kroger has some funny human mascots

Sunday, April 21, 2024

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"During the summer, trail cameras will be fitted to monitor how the dormice use them."

Alex Ross painted Mr. Fantastic getting gnawed on by vampires

Saturday, April 20, 2024

New Humble Bundle featuring Dune novels

Starts with "Dune: The Butlerian Jihad" for $1. (Big bundle is 17 books for $18.)

New Humble Bundle featuring the Fallout RPG

Starts with eight items for $1. (The big bundle features files to 3D print miniatures)

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City Hall designed by Gottfried Böhm to blend in with a castle in Germany

More photos.

Friday, April 19, 2024

Here's the making of video for Albon's panda helmet

The police actually responded three times to the massive Easter heist in Los Angeles and didn't detect the thieves?

LAT article indicates the site has massively inadequate safety precautions:

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to three separate alarms at GardaWorld’s Sylmar cash storage facility on the day that thieves stole as much $30 million from its vault during the biggest heist in the city’s history.

Despite the officers’ presence at the property in the early hours of Easter Sunday — including around the time it is believed the sophisticated burglary was carried out — the criminals remained undetected, according to three law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation of the incident.


“While these perpetrators were sophisticated ... based on what we know, this should have been a detectable event”

The cover of Matt Kindt's new murder mystery is a diorama of the murder using his mom's dollhouse miniatures

New Humble Bundle featuring videos games "focusing on cultivating the land, nurturing relationships, and building a legacy"

Steam scores displayed.

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Stylish ping pong paddles


Wednesday, April 17, 2024

There's a set of miniatures based on the main characters in Amazon's Fallout series

The four-pack is up for preorder. (There's many other Fallout miniatures in stock.)

(The first two episodes are fine (I particularly liked the images of the squire, his burden, and the knight) (I hope they produce a set of miniatures based on the squire and knight), but I wonder if there was any internal discussion of whether there was a need for the show to start with a completed rape, since the episode could have easily unfolded in the exact same way with the protagonist realizing the problem before a rape occurred.) (Tough to accept the main character's continuing cheerful naivete in the second episode after the events of the first.)

Author granted partial copyright in book written with ChatGPT


The [US Copyright Office]’s notice granting [the human author] copyright registration of her book does not recognize her as author of the whole text as is conventional for written works. Instead she is considered the author of the “selection, coordination, and arrangement of text generated by artificial intelligence.” This means no one can copy the book without permission, but the actual sentences and paragraphs themselves are not copyrighted and could theoretically be rearranged and republished as a different book.

(The activist author is also famous for other reasons.)

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Clearance sale on Super 7 figures, including 60% off the supersized vinyl figures

at the BBTS.

Gorgeous photos of Svalbard ice

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

"A federal judge has found that L.A. city officials doctored records in a case over homeless camp cleanups"

In some records, the word “bulky items” was replaced by “health hazards” or “contaminated,” after [the presiding judge] had ruled the city’s law prohibiting bulky items unconstitutional.

Alex Albon's panda helmet

New Humble Bundle featuring horror video games

Steam scores displayed.

New Marvel Legends including a very cool-looking Superior Spider-Man with mirrored lenses and supplemental limbs

Much improved from the prior version. New John Cassaday Wolverine too.

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Custom Marvel Legends-scale Fantasticar

Yet another great one-off jersey for the Seattle Kraken

Previous jerseys: Women's Day; Lunar New Year.